Anyone know jamdown1300

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15-07-2008 16:43:45

ok, this guy says he'll green for you but wants to use your cell # to use for the trade... I let him use mine, then he said that it didn't go thru so he wouldn't green


15-07-2008 16:46:38



15-07-2008 16:51:44

Yeah, I already tried that, I was hoping someone knew of a user name for him cause I can't seem to look him up using his email=. Jamdown1300 is his AIM and Jamdown1300 is his AIM and is one of the emails he uses.


15-07-2008 17:28:27

okay so why exactly is he a scammer or a problem trader?

He doesn't belong to this forum, you set up a trade outside the trading module (which is set up to protect users) and that would mean that you both have TR<4.

That and he didn't do anything wrong haha. Just because whatever weird method he wants to use to verify your credibility failed doesn't make him a scammer, it makes him someone that doesn't want to do a trade with you.

If a mod sees this, they are going to tell you three things, so I'll save them the trouble

1.) Don't trade with someone OUTSIDE of the trading forum. If you do, you do it at your own risk and the moderators here don't have time to decipher a "he says, she says" argument between two people with no forum-based proof to back anyone up.

2.) Don't trade with someone who has less than 4 TR if your own TR is less than 4 as this is where most of the scamming occurs and the moderators put this rule in place to avoid all the headaches that come with all the n00bs trading with each other.

3.) Don't post in this forum unless you PM one of them first. Chances are you didn't do this, and they are going to lock this thread anyway because you can't really accuse someone of being a scammer that doesn't even belong to the forum.

I hope this helped and I hope you didn't lose any money in the deal. When you are doing freebies, you are undoubtedly going to come across people that can't hold up their end of the bargain. If you use the rules to your advantage, chances are you won't get scammed nearly as often as if you don't. Well, now you know, right?


16-07-2008 19:13:45

I just figured it was relevant since he claims he found me thru FiPG


16-07-2008 19:17:54

ha, i guess that's his clever way of circumventing the "no welcome PM's" rule haha.