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sandra habina

13-07-2008 22:10:11

Hi just wanted to give heads up to all - that I will be gone a couple of days - so if we have a trade working - hang in there and I will be back Thursday nite. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED HELP CONTACT - Bugs53666 - she is familiar with a few of my sites and will help you.

Just did not want you to think I am ignoring you. I just will not be online or home.

EDIT - BE GONE 9/30 - 10/2 TTYL



15-07-2008 16:26:07

Hope you had a great time. Did you do any gambling!!!


15-07-2008 16:52:57

I hope you had a safe and very wonderful vaccie!

sandra habina

15-07-2008 17:14:52

Hi Marie, yes went to Presque Isle Casino in Erie, PA.

Had a good time for my birthday. Didn't win - so I will have to keep trading. But that is okay - I love this hobby. )


15-07-2008 18:16:32

I just view gambling as entertainment anyway )

I'm going to a casino in Michigan (Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo for those around the midwest) the week after next with a couple buddies of mine.


15-07-2008 18:18:43

what do you play?

I went on a cruise last year and took a Crapps lesson, dear lord that was the hardest game ever to learn.


15-07-2008 18:21:46

I stick to Black Jack, it's more entertaining than slots and roulette and a little more skill-based than just picking numbers.


15-07-2008 18:34:02

slots has to be the most dumbed down game in history. no wonder people love them so much roll

Are you a big card counter?


15-07-2008 19:16:51

Nah, I never bothered to learn, do you count?


15-07-2008 19:25:16

Nah, I never put too much time towards black jack. I'm not a huge gambler, just the occasional Full Tilt and TH with friends, but should I go to a casino, I would definitely either play Hold'em or BJ Hold 'em because I know how and BJ b/c it's pretty straight forward.

You ever play poker at a casino table? I haven't had the pleasure yet, but I'm thinking I'm going to be pretty intimidated when I do haha.


15-07-2008 19:43:01

I used to play on Full Tilt, but I found I was losing much more than I was making, so I stopped. I'll save the gambling when I can afford to blow some money.

I haven't played at a casino table because I'm sure the players there are really good, and I'm not that great at poker. I think I would just lose my money too fast to make it worth playing, though it would be fun.


15-07-2008 19:47:35

From what I've heard the players at the tables aren't necessarily that good. My buddy just went for the first time 2 or 3 months ago, (and he's alright, not stellar, but alright,) and he came out with almost twice his money.

Keep in mind you don't need to play tournament style at a casino table. You can buy in and cash out pretty much at will. Plus if NL scares you you could always do a pot limit game with like 2/4 blinds. I would probably personally be more apt to try that out first to see how I can deal with the pressure of playing with real people in that kind of setting haha.


18-07-2008 18:46:00

Just went to a casino up in Washington state. Won around $40 playing blackjack. I love that game.

Sandy, I'm heading to PA in the beginning of August. I'll be going to the casino in the Poconos. Mt. Airy Lodge. Can't wait. You should try to come over!!!

sandra habina

28-07-2008 20:55:17

Hi Marie - I would love that but Poconos is about 8 hour drive. Erie Pa, is just over an hour away. I love Black Jack too but I am addicted to the slots. I love hitting the bonus lines. LOL

Hubby loves LET IT RIDE.

I WILL BE GONE AGAIN 7/29 AND 7/30 for anyone I am working with.
Just so you know.


28-07-2008 22:01:37

I didn't know it was that far. Bummer. Well, have a great time wherever you're off to again. I leave on MOnday for a whole week with no computer access. WooHoo!!!

sandra habina

30-09-2008 01:03:18

Wheeling Downs, W. VA this time. Woot - two days of fun.

9/30 - 10/2 TTYS


30-09-2008 03:48:33

nice, have fun!