Gift Monster No longer giving credit for offers

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05-07-2008 16:26:25

I'm not sure where else to post this, but the GiftMonster sites have recently decided to not help their referrals get credit for offers done thru their site. One of the offers I completed on PoloMonster did not give credit, so after I waited the specified amount of time, I sent a support ticket and they said they no longer help with credit requests. I'm not the only one that has experienced this, it also happened to BogJuan on GiftMonster. I'm almost positive (but I can't prove it) that they are pocketing the money from the offer and making the customers do extra offers to receive credit.

Here is a direct quote for the support ticket I had submitted


Unfortunately we cannot control when an offer does or does not credit. It appears WorldWinner has not credited for you, and sadly we can no longer accept no-credit requests due to our advertisers not accepting them. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Kyle Smith
GiftMonster Member Services"
and my reply
"That is bull crap, you have the exact same offers as every other referral site and they still help with credit requests. You guys are a freaking scam, and I'm going to suggest to everyone on all of the forums that they no longer use the giftmonster sites.

I hope you go out of business



05-07-2008 18:15:41

Hi. Sorry to hear about your problems with polomonster....

I myself have had offers not credit thru them. I received the same reply. I have had good luck with them since going green though.

I think that there are certain advertisers that will accept manual credit requests and ones that don't. The IFW probably uses the advertisers as a scapegoat for not accepting mcr's.

However, when an offer doesn't credit, it is usually a problem on the users end.... firewall, anti-virus, cookies, etc...

Anyway, I hope this helps. -N


05-07-2008 22:50:05

MCR's are a service that the site owner does not necessarily have to provide. It's his prerogative. Just because he doesn't does not mean he's a scammer, it just means you're shit out of luck when your offers don't credit. It will happen and you just need to suck it up and do a replacement offer. Sometimes a support ticket will cause a mod on the site to help you out, but if the site flat out does not accept MCR's, and your offer doesn't credit, you just need to move on. It blows, but it is what it is. Check out my guide on how to credit every time. It's awesome and hasn't failed me yet.


06-07-2008 01:03:38

Man, I have 27 sites that I have credit on(no, my TR on here does not show it), and out of all the offers I've completed 5 did not give credit, 3 of those were on the GiftMonster sites and of course no help from them, but the other 2 (1 Trainn and 1 Macrobucks) were taken care of immediatly. I did nothing different working with them than I do anyother time I complete an offer. I'm just sayin' GiftMonster can toss my salad...


06-07-2008 07:40:44



08-07-2008 11:14:03

I can feel for you for World Winner...those bastards wouldn't pay Git-R-Free their money because I didn't use the website ASAP.

And World Winner didn't send in the request until AFTER I had spent all the money in the account...

What complete and total horse shit! ligrumbleli

Me, I try to do sites that offer MCRs because sometimes, even when you do EVERYTHING right, it just doesn't go through.

Even when I turn off my SpyBot and AVG, plus all my IM systems, plus open up to all cookies, and turn off my pop-up blocker, I've had offers not go through. And no, I don't have any toolbars on my broswer. Sometimes I really think its just a flaw in the offer's website. I mean, nothing can run smoothly 100% of the time.


05-08-2008 08:50:18

I ran in to a similar situation but with a totally different outcome! I had done a Dish Network offer and it didn't credit. I sent many support tickets in and they worked with me! I DID receive credit for this offer, even though it did not support an MCR...
I was very pleased with the outcome as this not only was a 1 credit offer, but it was expensive. I love the Dish Network and wouldn't dream of giving it up! Hubby is excited for football season to get here!!