Does anyone know "kidney" aka Ryan

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12-06-2008 21:52:28

I did a trade with kiddney on here and he has failed to contact me about trading back or even going yellow for me. And i signed up for him under sony-vbux, how do i go about taking him off as my refferal


16-06-2008 12:15:16

So can someone please ban this guy, ive emailed him atleast 5 times and no response. Kiddney is his name


16-06-2008 12:18:41

They won't help you because you blatantly ignored their warning about two people trading with a TR<4.

That's one of the biggest mistakes you can make for a few reasons.

1.) You won't get a TR point when your trade gets completed, if it gets completed

2.) You run a great risk of dealing with someone who either has no idea what's going on, has no intention of sticking around for any period of time, or has every intention of scamming you

3.) It's advised against. Anything the mods around here suggest NOT to do, is something you shouldn't do and this is exactly why.

As far as the referral goes, it doesn't matter if he is signed up under you, the only thing that matters is you get enough people to green for you to fulfill your requirements. If you have extras referrals that don't green, that's no biggie. As far as the site you completed for him, if you submit a support ticket asking to be removed from his account, as long as he hasn't redeemed his prize, V-Bux Jon will probably do that for you with no problems.


16-06-2008 13:12:49

i wouldnt of traded with him if more people with trade records wanted to trade ref 4 ref, i its been very very slim pickings with people with records. If someone has a high trade record then your chances are they've allready done the site your need a ref for. It just sucks that theirs so many scum bags out there.


16-06-2008 18:19:03

[quote5c8af2b56b="N204life"]I did a trade with kiddney on here and he has failed to contact me about trading back or even going yellow for me. And i signed up for him under sony-vbux, how do i go about taking him off as my refferal[/quote5c8af2b56b]
Contact the site you did for him and have them remove you as his referral, and possibly move it to someone else.


13-07-2008 19:24:07

Just to let you all know, the Green was completed already and now I am waiting on him.


13-07-2008 20:12:35

the plot thickens


14-07-2008 10:31:57

[quote901d1e80f1="TravMan162"]the plot thickens[/quote901d1e80f1]
Yes it does, he stalled for over a month and now is getting snappy with me about doing more offers on his vbux. He never told me vbux was like a 5 offer site when i had him do one offer for my trainn site. So in return i signed up for vbux and did one offer for him thinking thats all i needed and now it turns out i need a whole bunch. I dont know what to do now. I should just be an asshole and not return any of his emails and pm's for a month


14-07-2008 12:03:57

First of all, this wouldn't have happened if you heeded the trade rules and recommendations of the mods on this site and NOT trade with someone with less than 4 TR. Not only are you not going to get a TR if this trade is ever successfully completed, but you probably aren't going to get any help from them either because they specifically say NOT to do that for this exact reason.

However, to stop flaming you and answer your question, I would suggest telling him that because of the false pretenses with which you signed up to his site, you are now unable to complete the site and are instead going to pay him for his green on your site. I believe TRAINN refs are worth $40/ref, so pay him half of whatever a ref is worth, through paypal and close the trade. I mean, I don't have any authority to tell you what to do, but if it was my trade and that happened to me, that's how I would handle it.

There is a rule, I'm going to find it now, that suggests that trades should be even and a 1 offer site in return for a 5 offer site is not an even trade. Hope I was helpful.


15-07-2008 06:22:42

Yea, travman162 is correct all around. Also... Just one thing, most trainn sites pay $50 per ref, only a few pay less, but are still like $46(ish) so, yea!