Having Health Issues...UPDATE 7/17/2008!

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12-06-2008 06:35:29

For anyone who is waiting on me for something, whether me to go green or for you to go green for me, I'm having some MAJOR issues on my side of the computer.

I'm trying to overhaul my business website, my headaches are getting worse, and I went for my 3 month check up for cancer and there is a suspious looking lump on my ovary, which could mean my cancer is back. lisighli

On top of that, I'm in the process of getting everything straight for my move BACK to Maryland, which HAS to happen by the end of July/beginning of August. So between trying to keep track of my Stimulus check, trying to call businesses back home to see if I can get a sit down job somewhere, trying to get my license before I leave, and trying to get my Mom to get my room ready for me, I'm about ready to overload!!!

I'm trying to lighten my load for a little while and I've decided to stop being so hardcore about IFW Trading until I can think straight.

There is only a few people affected by this really so I'm going to send each of them a PM with my cell phone number so they can directly contact me and keep in touch.

Again, I'm so sorry about this... cry

[i855cd816db]Update 7/8/2008 Ok...as everyone should know, I'm in the hospital right now for kemo or chemo or however you spell it. My friend rented me a laptop so I'm still able to payout and in the process, I'm finishing up sites that I owe J43 and Box (they know who they are) for. Once I finish up these trade I have with J43 and Box, I won't be doing ANYMORE ref4ref or ref4cash (me getting paid to be a ref for someone). I just can't handle it right now since I can't go to the bank myself to put money in it.

Now, I will still be looking for refs for my 145.Money because I can access my paypal account from this laptop and payout to people. So anyone doing that website for me or is thinking about doing that website for me, GIT-R-DONE!!! lilolli With me moving and being sick, I need all the extra cash I can get.

As of right now, my move date back home will be July 29th, thats if my doctor here releases me for travel. Crisfield, Maryland here I come!!! [/i855cd816db]

[i855cd816db][b855cd816db]Update 7/17/2008 Ok, last week I had emergency surgery to remove the tumor on my ovary. It had grown twice its size in a 24 hour period. It was the size of a toddler's head! liswoonsli

Since I had the surgery, the doctor today has cleared me for moving on the 29th and I should be back home (to my apartment to get my things packed) by the 24th. I'm just on light duty for bending over and lifting.

Thanks to everyone who has had patience with me and has sent me warm wishes!!!

I cooouulllddd use some referrals if you wanna help me have some extra cash for moving lihint hint wink wink nudge nudgeli lilolli[/b855cd816db][/i855cd816db]


12-06-2008 13:56:24

I'm so sorry about that. Hope everything turns out ok.

sandra habina

12-06-2008 21:39:41

Stay POSITIVE DEAR - best of luck to you.


08-07-2008 11:05:56

Update & Bump


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Update & Bumpage!!!


26-07-2008 11:07:45

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Awwwwwww thank you! I need all the loving I can get...

I'm a very love deprived person...lisnifflesli

That really made my day seeing that!!!

sandra habina

27-07-2008 00:08:05

Hope things are going better for you dear. You take it easy and have a great moving trip.

Chat soon. )