How DO YOU recover money through PAYPAL for fraud,

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C Barry Smith

11-06-2008 02:46:43

I spent about an hour, SEARCHING PAYPAL trying to recover money from a fraudulent trader. There doesn't seem to be a category that covers this. I did what I thought was close and the message was, 'we can't resolve these problems.' How do you do it?
Barry x


11-06-2008 07:43:29

As I just posted to someone else, and we've discussed before, PayPal's official policy is to NOT provide protection for intangible transactions. If there is no physical product being shipped, they won't cover you.

Some people get luck and slip in under the radar, perhaps due to somebody at PayPal not paying attention, but every claim I've ever been involved with regarding referral trading has been denied, and I've been pointed to their terms saying so.

Section 13 of the PayPal User Agreement

[quotea28be85d03]13. Disputes between Buyers and Sellers - Buyer Protection Programs.


13.1 Buyer Protection Programs. If you buy an item using PayPal and either do not receive the item or receive an item that you believe is Significantly Not as Described by the seller, we encourage you to open a Dispute with the seller in our Resolution Center. By doing so, you will initiate our Online Dispute Resolution Process—a step-by-step system designed to facilitate communication between you and the seller in order to get resolution of the issue. If your dialogue with the seller fails to produce a satisfactory result, you can then escalate the Dispute into a Claim that we will evaluate for reimbursement under one of the following programs
1. PayPal Buyer Complaint Policy - Our best efforts program to reimburse Users for losses only to the extent we are able to recover the funds from sellers.
2. PayPal Buyer Protection Policy - Our program to reimburse Users for losses for up to (i) $2,000.00 USD (Top Tier Coverage Amount) for eligible items purchased on eBay and (ii) up to $200.00 USD (Basic Tier Coverage Amount) for all other eligible items purchased on eBay and for eligible items purchased on eBay. Please see section 13.9 to determine whether Top Tier Coverage Amount or Basic Tier Coverage Amount applies to your eBay purchase.
3. Buyer Protection for eBay Express - Our program to reimburse Users for the full amount of losses for items purchased on eBay Express.
4. Extended Buyer Protection with PayPal Credit - Our program to reimburse Users for the full transactional amount of the items purchased using PayPal Credit.

[ba28be85d03]These programs only cover payments for tangible, physical goods. All other payments, such as payments for intangibles, services, airline flight tickets, or licenses and other access to digital content are not covered by any Buyer Protection Program that we offer (but may be covered by Chargeback rights).[/ba28be85d03]