nbonsu26 is a scammer!!

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28-05-2008 08:38:17

I completed 2 trades with nbonsu26. One was completed and went green on 3/11/08 and the other on 3/21/08. He was supposed to pay me $25 for each trade completed plus a $5 bonus for completing more than 1 trade.

Well, he kept telling me he was having problems with his Paypal account and couldn't send me the funds. Then he told me he was waiting on his paycheck before he paid me. Needless to say, it's been over 2 months and I still haven't seen a dime ( .

Stay away from nbonsu26!!!


28-05-2008 08:56:36

I don't believe he is an active member here. HE still owes me lots of $$$.


31-05-2008 08:46:37

This thread existed about 10 lines down.