Lilnguyen scammed me!!!

Live forum:


18-04-2008 12:13:28

I went green for this guy first. He went yellow for me then never responded. He finally e-mailed me back and said he was going to follow thru but never did.


18-04-2008 12:44:32

It's only been 7 days since he joined FiPG. Are you sure you read our rules about how long to wait and how to proceed with problem trades?

Also, you shouldn't have traded with a 0 TR member since you're also at 0 TR. Not only are you vulnerable to getting scammed, you won't get credit for the trade even if it goes through ok.

In any case, you can always inform the site you did for him the situation (once you're sure he's scamming you) and have them remove your ref from him, and possibly move it to someone else.


24-04-2008 07:36:39

He is a scammer. He scammed me at Freebie Society. He then got banned. He signed up again n PM me if I wana trade with him.

See our AIM conversation below.

lilnguyen7 (122905 PM) Hey
babeTran84 (122916 PM) yea?
lilnguyen7 (122942 PM) I saw your post
babeTran84 (122947 PM) uh huh
lilnguyen7 (122950 PM) and was wondering if you could sign up
lilnguyen7 (122954 PM) under
babeTran84 (122958 PM) y?
lilnguyen7 (123003 PM) I want to trade refs
babeTran84 (123031 PM) u could finish up giftcards.macrobucks 4 me
babeTran84 (123036 PM) the one that you're red at
lilnguyen7 (123041 PM) ?
lilnguyen7 (123047 PM) What are you talking about?
babeTran84 (123057 PM) u scammed me at freebiesociety
lilnguyen7 (123111 PM) I don't even know what freebiesociety is..
lilnguyen7 (123116 PM) are you sure it was me?
lilnguyen7 (123122 PM) Or at least someone with the same name?
babeTran84 (123124 PM) that the same name was use
babeTran84 (123128 PM) same site too?
lilnguyen7 (123136 PM) I don't think so...
lilnguyen7 (123148 PM) I've NEVER signed up
babeTran84 (123152 PM) yourpse34free
lilnguyen7 (123153 PM) at freebie society
babeTran84 (123204 PM) where u get my info?
lilnguyen7 (123211 PM) I believe
lilnguyen7 (123214 PM) Free Lunch Room
babeTran84 (123233 PM) wut ur username at flr?
lilnguyen7 (123239 PM) MediaBar
lilnguyen7 (123243 PM) Wait
lilnguyen7 (123244 PM) no
lilnguyen7 (123245 PM) LilNguyen
babeTran84 (123305 PM) ok
lilnguyen7 (123313 PM) So do we have a trade here?
babeTran84 (123315 PM) can i see your ref link for ps34free
lilnguyen7 (123319 PM) Sure.
lilnguyen7 (123332 PM) http// (123633 PM) funny
lilnguyen7 (123638 PM) ?
babeTran84 (123654 PM) u have the same referral link wit the one who scammed me
babeTran84 (123657 PM) same name
lilnguyen7 (123657 PM) Ok
lilnguyen7 (123659 PM) Good bye
babeTran84 (123701 PM) same referral
lilnguyen7 (123706 PM) hahahaha
babeTran84 (123710 PM) i already report u to flr
lilnguyen7 signed off at 123715 PM.
lilnguyen7 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

Mod, I didn't remove his ref link cuz I wan everyone to know his link n NOT sign up under this guy.

He get banned n sign up again n again at all forum.


24-04-2008 09:22:42

I banned him. Make sure you guys report that ref link to trainn so he won't get anything, and possibly move your refs to someone else.

Again, this is why you don't trade with anyone with 0TR unless they go first.