Beware of nbonsu26

Live forum:


09-04-2008 09:28:09

The guy seemed cool and had a high tr. He requested money in advance to do my site. I don't usually do that, but he seemed to have a pretty good reputation.

That was on March 8. Haven't heard from him for weeks. He never greened. Never even did an offer. Now his account is on hold. Tried to contact him, but he won't answer.

He hasn't logged on for a bit now, but I don't want him to slip in and try to do this to anyone else. x x x


09-04-2008 17:55:56

FYI, this is non related to trading but he owed me $50 for sticky at FLR. Never paid... (

I saw someone post at his thread that his didn't pay this person for green.