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22-03-2008 09:50:50

There is someone signing up under different names scamming me. THey first went red under a username vasonke. Then as username isood. They have also followed me to FLR and went red as username evinoot. Mods please let me know what is going on with this situation. I let you know early on about his problem but I have not heard any follow up. I feel this person could be a threat to other people as well. Lets nip this is the bud before it gets worse.


22-03-2008 19:27:12

I have the same problem! I feel like it is the same person that keeps contacting me to trade under different names! On FLR, too. I am afraid to pay anybody!!!


22-03-2008 20:59:07

They've both been banned. Thanks for the heads up, deeball. Oh and thanks for your continued patience with this matter. Things have been going slowly around here recently.


25-03-2008 19:06:28

Im also having this problem. I have been contacted alot thru yahoo also. The moderators seem to be working on the problem tho i spoke with one today. Just be real careful. I have a favorite site now who runs approval before i put my orders in so they can be caught quicker. 123stuffforfree has helped me tremendously in saving money on the scammers.


25-03-2008 19:11:07

What do you mean contacted thru yahoo.....IM or email...I ahve only been contacted thru pm's but I am up to 7 names on here and FLR so if anyone wants the names let me know..I have literally wanted to punch the screen over this whole thing, I wish I could see one of these scammers in person.....


25-03-2008 19:15:04

they have been iming me also on yahoo thru the forums because i have my yahoo id listed. Ive even had one who wanted me to purchase a bank account for him . He got me three times on one site but I was fortunate to have put him on 123 and they caught him. But Ive had at least 6 scammers in the last week


25-03-2008 20:50:52

Has anyone had any luck getting money back from paypal from these people. They only got me on one trade but it would be nice to come out even.
thanks ahead of time!


25-03-2008 21:38:46

yes three times i have gotten my money back and once i only got seven cents


26-03-2008 04:22:14

hey deeball12 lets share names. I have a couple that I am waiting forever to get verified from TRAINN on.


26-03-2008 12:30:35

Yeah, feel free to share.


13-05-2008 17:50:30

Are your just hitting the trainn sites cause that is the one I usually get it on.


22-05-2008 07:33:11

My biggest problem is usually with a supposed newbie on the TRAINNS. I have just about cashed out on 3 of them so I will probably take them off my list for awhile and see what happens.