turbohim - owner of key2free.com

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15-02-2008 20:11:00

Be careful dealing with turbohim. He ran a site called key2free.com that went dead soon after I completed a green. My referrer didn't get his payment from the site after numerous requests over the past couple weeks.


17-02-2008 17:37:32

Please Read this post to understand what happened!! I talked with him. Although it seems like we got scammed, really he did nothing wrong and is only trying to be fair. I was trying to work out a better deal for us, but it wouldn't be fair in his part. The best solution was the one we worked out!



20-02-2008 12:32:16

I know that Jared has had a rough go of it lately, but I honestly believe that he is making a whole hearted effort to turn everything around. I did my fair share of complaining a while back, believe me, but I think calling him out as a scammer is pretty harsh.

I'm sure, as he said in his post, that he has had many sleepless nights. If you have not been a business owner yourself, then you have absolutely no idea how stressful that can be~especially when something goes wrong (I am speaking from experience) and it's even worse when there are people depending on you.

I'm sure this whole mess with key2free is going to be costly for Jared and I'm sure that he feels horrible about it. I know it doesn't seem fair to be out $$ like that, I would be very upset too. Just keep in mind, that this was something that was out of his control and be careful who you are calling a scammer~that really is defamation of character if you have no proof.



20-02-2008 15:41:37

Nicely, put. Jared is a great guy!


20-02-2008 20:38:23

FWIW - I've done several of his sites as well. Never had a problem! Great sites and support!