Underberg Scammer?

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15-02-2008 04:44:09

I started a trade with Underberg on the 18th of January. He had really poor communication from the beginning really, though he made it pretty clear that his TR was higher than mine and I needed to pay up before anything happened. I messaged him a few times asking what the progress was and he didn't mention really where he was, then he told me early one week that he would be doing another offer if he didn't green. Well, time passed and he eventually messaged me and told me that he had just done another offer, an instant one. I waited about three days, maybe four and put in a support ticket at Trainn asking them if they could check on his status. They came back with the following which states that he's only ever clicked on one link and it doesn't appear that he completed the offer at the site. Now I'm not calling him a scammer because I just don't do that without a little more proof, but he is a very poorly communicating trader who, if nothing else, can't keep up with what sites he's doing what on and users should be wary of trading with him.

Submitted at 170354 on 2008-02-12

One of my referrals, email==enjoysadness2005@hotmail.comenjoysadness2005@hotmail.com=enjoysadness2005@hotmail.comenjoysadness2005@hotmail.com/email, says he has completed two different offers now and he still hasn't greened. I've asked him to file a report with you guys, but I don't guess he ever did as your support department is usually pretty easy to work with and seems eager to help. I was wondering if you could check on his offers.


Submitted at 060829 on 2008-02-15

Unfortunately, that user is not provide you with correct information as they have only visited one advertiser offer, which was on 1/18, however, we have not been informed that they registered for it nor have they filed a missing credit request.