Beware of trading with Paradise

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12-02-2008 23:50:34

As the title says, I would strongly suggest not trading with Paradise. He contacted me on August 21 to see if I was interested in a site-for-site trade. He had Shoes.OGF that I wasn't on, and said he could do my tech.hotgifts4you. I signed up on August 28 and greened on August 30, at which point Paradise told me he had just signed up for my site.

After not hearing from Paradise for over a week, I sent a PM and was told one offer had credited and two other ones hadn't yet. After telling me he sent in MCRs that he hadn't heard back from, I checked with HG4Y. According to them, the offers he had done did not allow MCRs. After telling him about it and being told he would do another 2 offers, I waited another few weeks before asking him to send me $20 by Paypal, the current going rate. After not hearing from him, I contacted KeithA, who contacted him about it. Apparently, at this time, his trading privileges were suspended.

I then received a PM offering to send me a money order for the money. I sent Paradise a PM with my name and address, but still did not receive my money. I then received a PM telling me that someone he had traded with would be sending me Paypal (as he has not Paypal account himself.) I again did not receive this. Finally, the last time Paradise contacted me, on December 27, he told me he would send me the money within the week. I still have yet to receive anything. I finally decided to contact KeithA again, who told me to make this thread.

Bottom line, I would strongly suggest not trading with anyone who uses the yahoo e-mail mikki727.


13-02-2008 14:06:16

Wow. That is the epitome of a runaround, eh?

They might as well just say, "I'm not going to pay you, deal with it" It ultimately would have the same result, they get banned and get reported as a scammer, but it just saves everyone a lot of time ) ) )