scam or not. any advice?

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07-02-2008 01:30:26

in november i registered with for a $1000 visa cash card.i completed all of my offers within a week (2 silver,2 gold,6 platinum).after about 8 days all offers were approved with the exception of 2.about 3 days later one of the last 2 was approved.i check my status several times that day.the next day i checked my status and that last was approved,but the one that had been approved the day before was back to pending.i was confused so i emailed them and he responded by saying that if the status was jumping back and forth then it has not been approved and that i should complete another offer,so i did.towards the end of december i finally had all of my offers completed and approved.3 days later i was sent my redemption link and when i tried to print it my printer was not working,so i asked my exhusband to do it for me and i gave him permission to fill out and sign my w9 form(i don't have a car ,so i could not go to the library to print the forms myself).he said that he would if he had the chance.for the next 2 weeks i did not hear from him and was unsuccessful in contacting him.i only had a few days before my certificate expired so i called my sister and gave her my info and had her to overnight the forms through my fedex account.after about a week i checked my status and it said "on hold".iturl==http://=http:///url said that i could only contact them through the mail,so i wrote to them and 9 days later they emailed me and told me that i would not be getiing my $1000 visa cash card from them.i emailed them back asking why and they told me that they had received 2 w9s from me with different signatures.i replied and explained the situation and told them that i did not know that my exhusband had sent the forms because i had not heard from him so i assumed that he did not send them,which is why i had my sister send them.they emailed me again and told me that the ssn on both w9 were not the same.i emailed them and confirmed my ssn.they confirmed that the second w9 had correct ssn,but they still will not send me my card.i asked them to send me a copy of the forms but they refused.they will no longer respond to my there anything that i can do.i was not trying to commit fraud.the w9 that was sent through my fedex account had the correct info on it so i don't understand why they won't send me my card.i completed all of those offers and they get to keep the card.they told me to blame my exhusband and not exhusband and i were together for over 13 years and he has always known my ssn.if it was wrong on the form it was not intentional.i offered to send in another set of forms and my id ,but they said no.i told them that there was no way that i would go to the trouble of completing all of those offers with my hard earned money and time and then risk my card by committing fraud,but to no avail.i'm thinking about taking legal action.anyone have any advice?

sandra habina

07-02-2008 03:12:00

Wow - who did you speak to? I would try to get in contact with a manager or someone else. And I would send in a copy of your drivers license or ID.

I hope you can get some resolve dear.