scammed by ThisStuffisFree network? (this50buxisfree...)

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26-01-2008 15:21:13

also has thisdsliteisfree and some others. Non-CC offers...turned scamtastic about a year ago. I remember a lot of people expressing their frustration over this.

The sites have all been down now and, according to him, there are no definitive plans for when or if they'll be back up.

If you have an account with many greens on one of these sites, or have completed a site and not heard anything back, or have had a lot of unwarranted reds pop up...PM me with TSIF somewhere in the subject line.

I just pulled a lot of information on this dude thanks to some loose lips at his post box and their computer records. I was going to let it go and write it off as a loss...until the guy got very arrogant about it and laughing about how he just doesn't care. So if you want to get behind me (and hopefully get what you earned)...I'll be stirring some stuff up in the next few weeks.

I know I haven't posted on here in awhile. thanks.


29-01-2008 21:46:22


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30-01-2008 09:43:12

why are you always saying sarcastic things to all my posts, TTGP?

If you don't have anything to add, why threadcrap? You did it here and you did it in my freebie of the day thread. What gives?

Why don't you back off?