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17-01-2008 20:13:13

You know, I hate posting a thread here because I am new and I know that this person is just being a cheeep skate. He placed my account on hold for a misunderstaning with IP address and after I spent 3 or more long nail biting hours waiting for each EXPENSIVE offer to credit.

After I explained to him what happens he started throwing other silly excuses up in my face with were just incorrect. And then he just stopped responding. Here is the AIM conversation I had with him.

supersaad2 (103641 PM) Hello, is anyone there?
RocketBillsHelp (103647 PM) Yes
supersaad2 (103713 PM) Hi, yes this is from the rocketbills site
supersaad2 (103721 PM) I would like to explain what happend on the site
supersaad2 (103800 PM) It is a simple misunderstanding. My mom, who lives in St. Petersburg, FL also does sites so that she can make extra money.
RocketBillsHelp (103831 PM) We have evidence taht you used prepaid cards
RocketBillsHelp (103839 PM) and that you have been banned
supersaad2 (103839 PM) Nooo noo!!!
RocketBillsHelp (103841 PM) on the forums
supersaad2 (103844 PM) Its not a prepaid card
RocketBillsHelp (103847 PM) Sorry, we have to keep you on hold
supersaad2 (103846 PM) no no no!!!
supersaad2 (103853 PM) its not prepaid sir
supersaad2 (103910 PM) but its not prepaid sir
supersaad2 (103916 PM) its my paypal debit card
supersaad2 (103936 PM) and the other site only accepts visa which is my bank account debit card
supersaad2 (103940 PM) its not prepaid
supersaad2 (103959 PM) I bank with Regions bank
supersaad2 (104006 PM) and the master card is Paypal
supersaad2 (104013 PM) its not prepaid
RocketBillsHelp (104028 PM) it's in our Terms of Service that only one household and IP is allowed , when you and your "mother" signed up you agreed to those TOS
RocketBillsHelp (104033 PM) Sorry but you will remain on hold
supersaad2 (104101 PM) but my mom did not sign up here inder this IP address. She was just here today checking her account
supersaad2 (104111 PM) PLEASE lets clear this up. she is back home now
supersaad2 (104130 PM) she can log into her account from home and you will see it is the orrigional IP address she signed up under.
supersaad2 (104140 PM) I swear to you sir, I did not break the rules
supersaad2 (104153 PM) My mom was here visiting me today
RocketBillsHelp (104155 PM) You will remain on hold, sorry
supersaad2 (104159 PM) why???
supersaad2 (104231 PM) Please! I am an honest person, and I used hard earned money to do thise 3 sites.
supersaad2 (104244 PM) I am a man of integrity and honesty
supersaad2 (104255 PM) My mom used my PC today
supersaad2 (104321 PM) I was not aware what she was doing during that time.
supersaad2 (104351 PM) Please! I'm begging you. I did not sign up under 2 usernames here and I did not use prepaid
supersaad2 (104355 PM) PLEASE!
RocketBillsHelp (104531 PM) Sorry.
supersaad2 (104603 PM) But why??
supersaad2 (104608 PM) Please!! I'm sorry!!
supersaad2 (104613 PM) I swear to you I am sorry!!
supersaad2 (104641 PM) I have been looking forward to this green all day. I swear I did not try to do anything clever and tricky.
supersaad2 (104700 PM) Please tell me why. It was my mom logging on.
supersaad2 (104725 PM) PLease!! I am soooooo sorry!!!
supersaad2 (104736 PM) It was not my intent
supersaad2 (104837 PM) My mom logged on using my PC
supersaad2 (104850 PM) Please dont let my mom's mistake cost me.
supersaad2 (104913 PM) please call her at 727-985-8848
supersaad2 (104936 PM) is her account on hold also?
RocketBillsHelp (104946 PM) Yes
supersaad2 (105013 PM) Please! I am begging you! She did not mean wrong and neither did I
supersaad2 (105056 PM) Please just keep her account on hold if nessesary since she is the one that caused the trouble. I don't think she wanted to finish the site anyway.
supersaad2 (105107 PM) but not mine please
supersaad2 (105128 PM) can you please call me?
supersaad2 (105146 PM) 813-xxx-xxxx [edited by KeithA for the sake of privacy]
supersaad2 (105214 PM) I have been trading since July 2007 so I am well aware of the rules
supersaad2 (105224 PM) but my mom is a newbee
supersaad2 (105316 PM) I am begging you I didn't do it. My mom logged on not me.
supersaad2 (105355 PM) please call me or call my mom or let me call you.
supersaad2 (105455 PM) PLEASE sir!
supersaad2 (105505 PM) Please have some heart.
supersaad2 (105514 PM) It was a simple mistake
supersaad2 (105538 PM) I was looking forward to referring people.
supersaad2 (105922 PM) Please Respond!!
supersaad2 (105929 PM) Does this mean I can't refer people?
supersaad2 (105956 PM) Hello!!!
supersaad2 (110337 PM) Please Respond!!
supersaad2 (110935 PM) Can you please call my mom and ask her to log into her account to see the different IP address?
supersaad2 (110949 PM) Hello!!!

He could have placed me on hold a long time ago but waited until I completed a full green before doing so so that he will profit and not have to pay out the person that referred me since it is a 1 referral site.


18-01-2008 04:23:41

Never, never, never let a ref sign in from your house. You are on hold because you broke their rules. I'm sure you are an honest person and had no intentions of fraud, but they have no way of proving that (and scammers will plead just as diligently).

Unfortunately, since you really did break the rule, you probably will not come off hold.


18-01-2008 05:17:41

I feel bad for you. Rocketbills is not a favorite of mine either. Good luck.


18-01-2008 07:21:32

I feel for you too. And I have to say - it took me 8 offers to get a green on rocketbills - so I can't say I have a good impression of the site. BUT - the site does have a point. Maybe someday the sites will find some kind of balance and a better verification system so these things don't have to cause problems for honest people.


18-01-2008 07:24:41

That's just it. Really the average person that comes across Rocketbills for example, would probably go on hold. I imagine the users that don't go on hold are members of forums like this who do this all the time. It definately isn't for a person that just happens to find it.


18-01-2008 09:47:45

Yeah this is complete bullshit. They could easily verify that your mom really does use a different computer than yours by having her send in a copy of her drivers license or ID card which has her address and info on it and then also sending in her IP address which she can get from several different websites. I had the exact same thing happen to me on a Gift Monster site where I simply logged into my friends computer just to check my green and then he later ended up doing that site for me and they put him on hold saying we had the same IP address. At first the guy was a huge dick to me about it like this rocketbills guy's bein to you but eventually he decided to take my friend off hold. I honestly think this guy knows damn well that you didn't commit fraud but they're just tryin to squeeze every penny out of people whenever they get a chance, so yeah screw this network....traders ripping people off is bad enough but now we have sites tryin to take advantage of users too. If I were you I would try and get in touch with the actual site owner and see if you guys can work somethin out, hopefully he can do somethin for you.


18-01-2008 11:00:36

Well, the thing that gets me is that the IP addresses rotate frequently so if you're within a certain radius of any other user, you could end up hold through absolutely no fault of your own. I was speaking recently with a site owner who wants to broaden his customer base and that was one of my points - that the average joe could not possibly know about IP conflicts, clearing cookies, and so on.


18-01-2008 14:42:06

Yeah exactly...I'm sure a lot of people that go on hold for matching IP addresses didn't even know they were doin somethin wrong. Yeah there are scammers out there that do it and are fully aware of it but I don't think the honest user that made a simple mistake should be punished because of what some other idiots do. Either way, theres multiple ways of testing whether someone made an honest mistake or are purposely scamming and I think certain site owners need to realize this and give people a chance....all it does is make your network look like shit when you can't even work with people through their problems and then nobody's gonna even want to do your site anymore.


20-01-2008 11:07:39

I'm starting to have problems with them,had a prior ref be put on hold after completing an offer then go back to normal and have had a ref not get credit and even did a manual credit request and here is what they told them,
"The credit request has been denied. Although other offers accept requests, Affiliates are no longer requesting credit requests for this particular offer, or we have tried to get you you're credit and it had been denied. We suggest you wait up to 7 days after you do the initial offer because sometimes credits do get delayed. If it has been more than 7 days, the only thing we can suggest is for you to do another offer. Thank you for understanding."

They used to be a good admin and site but after the last 2 refs having problems and reading posts about them looks like they are getting frustrated with the creit people offer sites and taking it out on the refs who have done nothing wrong.
They need to do their job get onto the credit people seems like another primodinero and other scam sites.or just plain lazy,they say they pay immediately but takes days to get paid cause they have to check ones that have worked with them before 20 times to see they aren't scamming.
Some sites need to go to school and learn both business and customer service before they start a site.


20-01-2008 12:46:10

Well said.


20-01-2008 14:59:41

Well I had an easy time crediting for this site, but I have done 12 websites so far and because of this thread I am definitely never going to refer anyone to this site... That is crap... Why are they treating people like this? This will be the end of that site if they keep that up....


20-01-2008 15:08:50

same with paypirate,had a referral complete a offer/credit 2 months ago and filed a manual credit and other support tickets over a month ago along with myself sending a support ticket before the christmas holidays and both have not gotten a reply ,kiss my alili,or anything.Are they still in business?


24-01-2008 23:46:16

1. We have been informed that you and your mom are the same person which is why we do not believe you.
2. Credits are not up to us, and most sites use the same affiliates so I don't get why people say we need to credit them. If we don't get paid how can we pay you?
3. Many people have gotten a number of referrals greened, maybe its on the users end for once? Please go read all the testimonials in other forums.
4. No ones being a jackass, rules are rules (which is why you agree to the TOS before you sign up), yes to some degree they can be bent but not when we have been informed that a user is the same as his mom. Especially when that users mom has no other IPs logged. So before you guys start assuming things, you should know the real story.
5. Thanks and if some of you do not want to try us out then I can guarantee you are missing out.
6. Let us know if we can help you out in anyway, thanks.



Thank you.