mariposies went red n stopped responding to PM

Live forum:


17-01-2008 09:25:41

Please be aware of this trader. She completed two sites for me, ipods.zpz and sony.vbux.

She went red on ipods.zpz last week when I submitted my order for approval. She responded to my first PM regarding this issue and gone disappear after that. Yesterday, she just gone red at sony.vbux. Both sites reported her for offers fraud.

I see she has been on the forum but chose not to response. evil

mariposies pls issue refund!!!


22-01-2008 20:19:56

To the top so trader can aware of this SCAMMER. I still see her sign on to this forum but choose not to resolve the issue with me.

Mod can u do anything with this issue?


22-01-2008 21:22:04

I had some problems with this user as well.


25-01-2008 15:52:02

be ware...

she stills around here