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16-01-2008 22:43:36

I wanted to report a problem I am having with the user FreeBeeFriend. We entered into a trade back on December 11th( his youripodtouch4free for my 360elite4free). I am not new to trading at all, I am an experienced trader over at A4F but since I was lower here I went first. I asked him if he minded which offer I did in case in took long to credit and he said he didnít mind which offer I did. So, I did gamefly and sure enough it did not credit so I needed manual credit. I applied for manual credit a week after I signed up for his site on. Then I waited for the manual credit which finally went through on Friday Jan 11th. Now the whole time I was waiting for manual credit, I continued to pm FreeBeeFriend just to keep him updated and to show that I was on top of things. I had sent him about 6 pms during the time I was waiting and not once did he answer any of the pms although he read every one of them. Since, I went green last Friday Jan 11th, I have sent him 4 pms and he has read all of them but has not responded to any of them. He still has not signed up for my 360elite4free.


17-01-2008 04:24:02

Have you PMd a moderator about this?? They can put some pressure on him to fulfill his end of the trade.



17-01-2008 07:36:36

I'm on it.


17-01-2008 07:54:38

[quote114b74225e="KeithA"]I'm on it.[/quote114b74225e]

Thank You


18-01-2008 18:34:15

I sent him another pm yesterday making him aware of this thread I created about him and he once again read the pm today but has not responded.


18-01-2008 20:28:40

A little update while he still has not responded. It seems he has at least signed up for my 360elite4free site but I dont know if he completed an offer yet as he is not green yet.


21-01-2008 09:31:38

Well seems like he has signed up but he has not clicked on any offers yet.


21-01-2008 13:58:23

He read my PM too--he knows his trading privileges are suspended--but he didn't reply.

If he doesn't clear things up or at least communicate with any of us, he'll be banned pretty soon.


21-01-2008 17:14:11

Yea i hope he communicates soon at least.


24-01-2008 09:00:18

Well doesn't look like theres much hope thats hes gonna communicate let alone green. I spoke to another trader on here and he owes a green to him as well.


04-02-2008 22:39:08

Just thought I give another update. Well, there has been a little communication over email where he said that he completed the word advantage offer but that was a lie because trainn has told me that he has not even clicked an offer. Then he said he did another offer yahoo success center but it didnt green. I see that he was unbanned so he can finish up his trades but he hasnt even logged in since jan 20th.


05-02-2008 05:50:32

He did contact me via email on 1/29, but I haven't heard from him since then either.


11-02-2008 12:25:59

Final update. Freebeefriend finally came through and greened on my 360elite4free. It was my last ref and i placed my order.


02-03-2008 10:08:15

any word on this guy? he still owes me a green from like two months ago, did he just disappear off the face of the earth?

ha it's hard enough to get people involved in a trade and it's a real let down when you get someone to do a G4G, you green for them and then they roll.