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11-01-2008 16:42:58

Has anyone else had jamanderson5 go on hold? He went on hold at mybackyard.git-r-free and JockMonster for me. I don't know if it is an intentional thing.

editlili I now think it was intentional because he has ignored all emails.


14-01-2008 07:23:05

haven't heard anything back from him regarding JockMonster yet...

Surreal Wadson

16-01-2008 22:33:22

Best of luck.


17-01-2008 07:58:56

When people go on hold at git-r-free, I think the best thing to do is put in a support ticket or ask them on aim, why the user is on hold. Sometimes it's just a matter of the user sending in ID, in which case, I usually give the user the benefit of the doubt. If it's offer fraud, then I say scammer. But git-r-free puts a TON of effort into weeding out the scammers and frauders so a lot of people go on hold there just until an ID is submitted....which I personally believe is AWESOME!!!


17-01-2008 08:28:30

He went on hold on the GiftMonster network for doing the smae offer on multiple sites.


21-01-2008 12:38:46

Still no replies to my requests for a refund.
I request that this user be banned.