jim911 - Paid up front, has not greened, out of contact

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07-01-2008 08:24:18

I paid jim911 $7.50 upfront to green on spareanychange.git-r-free.com. I have given him over a month to green on the site.

jim911 has since gone out of contact and has not greened on the site. He is not responding to PM's or emails.

Jim - please refund my $7.50. If you go green, I will of course return it to you. A month is more than enough time for you to green if I pay upfront.

Thanks -



10-01-2008 10:54:26

His trading privileges have been suspended and I've temporarily reset his TR to -1 pending a refund.

I cannot personally obtain a refund for you, but you have my approval to file a PayPal complaint.

Before you do, I suggest you contact him at email==jimfox11@hotmail.comjimfox11@hotmail.com=jimfox11@hotmail.comjimfox11@hotmail.com/email to offer him one last chance to make things right. I have already contacted him myself.


10-01-2008 11:03:21

thanks a bunch - yes I have already pursued him via email, with no response.

I have filed a paypal claim as well, which will of course be removed if he goes green.

Thanks for your support.

- Benny


11-01-2008 06:41:10


jim911 went green on spareanychange.git-r-free.com, but his account was immediately put on hold by git-r-free.

He is required to submit his ID and Utility bill to take the hold off.

My paypal claim is staying in effect until the hold has been removed.