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03-01-2008 13:21:44

Hi Guys. Im back and want to make good on all my old trades. Im so sorry about what happened. For those of you that asked my daughter is out of the hospital and we are getting on with our life. Please forgive me for all the time delay. If I owe you money please respond to this note. Thanks Fred


03-01-2008 13:29:53

welcome back gator! Hope everything is alright now


03-01-2008 14:50:37

Thanks for the welcome.


03-01-2008 15:57:31

Welcome back...bruh!

sandra habina

04-01-2008 03:37:14

Glad you are back Fred and I wish your daughter continued healing.

God Bless you both.


04-01-2008 12:56:35

I still havent heard from any of my old trade partners. My bank account was also canceled and Im working with the bank to reestablish it. As I said I want to make good on any trades I had going at the time. Please respond. Thanks Fred


04-01-2008 13:02:50

Gator, I'm going to move this to the Announcements section. My guess is that some folks that trade on FiPG don't bother to check Off Topic but always check that section.


04-01-2008 13:23:13

Thanks, I still havent heard from anyone so all the help you can give is gratfully recieved


04-01-2008 13:34:33

Welcome back...and best regards for your daughter!!

... wink

miss edie

04-01-2008 17:45:25

[b03704fb718]WELCOME BACK GATOR1002!!!
I'm glad to see ya[/b03704fb718]
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05-01-2008 19:12:57

Welcome back - we missed you. Will continue to pray for you and your daughter.



06-01-2008 17:24:07

Welcome back, Fred. Great to see you here again!!!!


09-01-2008 11:47:30

Welcome back Fred! I have thought of, and prayed for you both everyday. I know things aren't even close to 100%, and am truly sorry. Missed you so much around here. Hope you will be able to find your way back into trading, very soon!!

Love Ya,

Margot ;)