badbanko went red on logitech.v-bux

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03-01-2008 11:14:27

This user (badbanko) sent me a PM the same day that he joined FIG, titled "your referral link" the body of the mensage was, ", I can do, please send me referral link", I found it extremely weird that some new guy was already asking for referral links without any other questions, but, well, I sent him the link and he went green right away, but I think he wasn't expecting me to verify him. When I verified him, he went red.

This was the response from logitech.v-bux support

"This user has been suspended for offer fraud. He was found having five other accounts on Logitech.V-Bux.Com alone, all of which completed the same offers. This user appears to be a experienced credit card frauder.

If you have any additional approval requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

V-Bux Support"



03-01-2008 21:10:19

Great! He just went red for me as well on logitech! Badbanko, you are in deep doodoo if I find you!


04-01-2008 17:21:31

This user has also went red on nfl.getstuff4free
I did not pay them as I had a hunch. Especially since they had a [b44eb1df592]NON-US[/b44eb1df592] verified paypal!

Funny thing. Another user here.... [b44eb1df592]bceoket[/b44eb1df592]
contacted me to do another site on the same network (paypal.getstuff4free). They have also been put on hold for doing the same offers as [b44eb1df592]badbanko[/b44eb1df592]

I may be wrong, but I suspect they may be the same person.


04-01-2008 18:02:00

bceoket also went red at Gifts.getstuff4free. I didn't lose anything, thanks to Jessecka.


04-01-2008 21:14:51

He asked me for my ref link but i told him we do trades thru the module in here and never heard from him again.