Problem with a trader. What's the right thing to do here

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02-01-2008 13:42:39

I am having a trade dispute with a trader.

We setup a trade where I was to do wii and he was to do my dvdrecorders.

I signed up for wii and did wordpress and I waited for green. A couple days later he says he doesn't need the wii and I should sign up for another site for him. I tell him I don't want to waste my wii ref since I can't use it for anyone else since I already signed up under him. He told me ok he would green if I greened.

He send me another PM and so, I did another offer on wii and greened.

But, since he says he didn't use my ref, he is not obliged to do my ref. Now, he's saying that he said he would only green for me if wordpress greened and I went behind his back and did another offer.

What do you think?

sandra habina

02-01-2008 14:54:39

I think you should have contacted a moderator before posting in this section. I know Jeremiah and I know he is no scammer. This is wrong to state his name in this section without contacting a moderator first.
Did you ask Trainn if they could move you to under a trader who needed the green? And then you guys could just do another of each others sites.

Simple - what day did you do the other offer that did go green? and what day did his last ref green?


02-01-2008 15:29:31

First, you are supposed to contact a mod before posting anything in here. Second, this is not the full story. You are correct that I told you I didn't need your referral anymore but this was BEFORE you even went green. I told you if your original offer comes through I will still do my end of the trade because it is not your fault I got too many refs. However, I also told you that if that offer doesn't credit to NOT do another offer in place of it and you still did one anyways. But we already talked about this all in PMs so I see no reason for this thread.