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29-12-2007 20:22:02

after many chances (5 months ) of giving this guy a chance to go green I decided to finally report it. He still signs in here every so often and reads my messages but never responds. In fact last time he signed in was yesterday. Gave me this pity story about how he needed money ASAP and he would go green if I would just help him out. He did like 1/4 of credit and never got back to me. evil


03-01-2008 15:19:56

this guy asked me to trade w/ him yesterday what should i say?


04-01-2008 07:58:06

[quoted14b6c4fb1="brita5660"]this guy asked me to trade w/ him yesterday what should i say?[/quoted14b6c4fb1]

Say no. I'm suspending his trading privileges since he's ignoring another trader.


04-01-2008 08:02:45

I set up a trade with him this morning at JockMonster


04-01-2008 10:43:37

He also did Freespree for me yesterday .


13-01-2008 13:58:04

He signed up to do 2 sites for me and ended up never greening on them (can't remember if he even signed up, I'd have to check). What made me realize that he was not legit (in my opinion) is that he wanted me to do a site for him, offering me $60 but the cashout is 1 ref at a time and it's only $35. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that I would have been scammed!!