andreadc needs to refund me $15

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22-12-2007 22:05:32

andreadc told me she was gonna refund me on the 13th. Since then she never log on. She was suppose to green on and i paid her $15 upfront, she never did for about 2 weeks, so i ask for a refund, she agree on 13th and since then i never heard from her..


26-12-2007 23:37:58

Can i do anything? Can i do a paypal dispute? Or must i wait for a MOD to respond?


27-12-2007 09:29:02

You can file a paypal dispute, there's no real need for mod permission and it's now been 14 days (did you PM a mod before making this thread as per our rules?).

Did you call her? If not, I would try that first.


27-12-2007 16:01:15

No i havent called her, it just feels weird to call someone about a freebie lol. Should i?


27-12-2007 17:31:11

That's why she gave you her number, and calling her would probably help you more than any of us can.

Keep calling her until she refunds you.


30-12-2007 09:20:47

I sent her 30 paypal UPFRONT for a green on DesktopComputers4Free and she never came back after receiving the payment.


30-12-2007 09:30:48

This has happened with a few traders or so called traders,myself included,i filed a dispute with paypal on another person who i paid 1/2 upfront and they did rule in my favor,but as expected couldn't refund my money for the person cleaned out his account,after 14 days here and another 7 or so with paypal,the people are long gone so it's a waste of time i feel.


30-12-2007 20:55:49

[quotebca8f1b4e3="cerivas"]I sent her 30 paypal UPFRONT for a green on DesktopComputers4Free and she never came back after receiving the payment.[/quotebca8f1b4e3]
You shouldnt have paid her upfront, since you have a higher TR than her, if this was A4F i wouldnt have paid her half upfront.. But my TR is so low in this forum, that i didnt have an option. She seem legit, she told me in her last PM
[quotebca8f1b4e3="andreadc"]sorry i havent been able to reply asap, and i haven't been online in some days (been out of town but my assistant may have been on to confirm new trades for me while i was away). With my line of work (childrens entertainment marketing) I get SO busy during this time of the year... Ill cancel the trade and refund asap per your request, what's the paypal email address please?[/quotebca8f1b4e3]
so i still have little hope.. Ive never been scam in about 70 trades, so this would be a first.


03-03-2008 13:24:42

Dude can we at least ban her, i mean, clearly she stole $$$ from me and cerivas. Oh and im not gonna call her, i dont feel like talking to a stranger that stole my money.


07-03-2008 11:19:53

PM me her number.


07-03-2008 13:06:15

keitha taking care of business

+karma for looking after us D