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21-12-2007 10:22:33

what do you guys think about this. I have a trader that agreed to a trade and signed up under them but did not complete an offer yet. I then could not get a hold of them for 2 days until this morning when the person left me a pm saying that they are a mentor and they are setting up a trade between me and another user!!! Now the person came across as if they were going to trade with me (TR 10) but then sneaks a new trader up on me. This person has a trade record of 2. What should I do? Just ax the whole trade or is this common?


21-12-2007 10:56:08

did you do your part yet?

sandra habina

21-12-2007 13:52:30

Not sure of all the details - but no it is not common.
You may want to work with some more established traders dear.
TR 10 is not that high. Twon is a great trader here and I am sure he would be glad to work with you, as I would be also.


21-12-2007 15:26:54

Yeah well those people are not always good to deal with. I would stay away from them if possible.


13-01-2008 14:03:23

Sounds pretty strange to me! If you signed up under him, then no biggie as long as you didn't do any offers. I would request deletion.


13-01-2008 14:08:44

Also, I wouldn't consider someone with a TR of 10 to be a mentor. I agree with Sandra on that one. There are alot of reputable people that have been around for a LONG time and have TONS of experience and wisdom to share. I know I'm leaving people out, not purposely, but the first 3 that come to mind are Sandra, Twon, and Margot.

Well, Jeagle82 is awesome too and BigWarBird. Alot of people are, just stick with the people who have been around.

Props go out to all of you guys, you make a huge difference around here, not sure if you know that or not.


sandra habina

18-01-2008 14:58:57

Wow Michelle - what a very nice thing to say. I am sure all the above mentioned traders and many more would thank you for your kind words.