Jeagle82 VACATION Thread... GONE Sat (12/22) - Sat. (12/29)

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21-12-2007 09:27:12

For all those I'm in trades with... I'm going on a Christmas Skiing trip to Park City, UT from Saturday (12/22) through Saturday (12/29). I will not have access to high-speed internet, but can check every now and then on my iPhone.

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas and I will respond to any PMs and complete any pending trades when I return on the 29th!

Anyone that is close to Park City, UT is welcome to come hit the slopes with us! ;)


21-12-2007 10:57:54

YOU BASTARD!!! I have always wanted to goto Park City.
Have a great time! When you get to the peak yell out "TWON!!!" so my name will have been mentioned there.

Merry Christmas.