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17-12-2007 19:02:42

toughshot, one very well established trader had traded with me. Of course there are the TR "guidelines" so i went green extremely quickly first. Then after about a week he signed up and completed an offer, supposedly. He didn't go green and he said he would do another offer. Then he told me he would give me 25 dollars paypal, and I refused, stating that it was a green for green trade. He then says he will get some1 from a different site to do it from and since then he hasnt replied my NUMEROUS PM's concerning his status. It has been literally a month and a half, yet I see no payment in my paypal account and worse yet, no green on my site. I have seen the last time he has logged into this site, December 1st, 2007. I sent him 5 PM's before that on November 28th. Sure he was a hihger TR then me, but he deceived me. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS FOOL! I WARN YOU, HIS TR IS DECEIVING!


17-12-2007 19:42:28

Sorry to hear of your bad experience. Have you contacted a mod and explained your case?


18-12-2007 07:00:48

And by the way I would remove the referral link from your signature before you contact a mod. Good Luck!