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17-12-2007 00:10:04

[b966e866875]nbonsu26[/b966e866875] you have read my messages, I'm sorry that I'm doing this but I have no other option.

If you can't do my site, then let me know and refund the money, thats all I need from you, let me know if you can't do it and I will find someone. I need

nbonsu26 was supposed to do my DesktopComputers4Free, I sent him $30 paypal upfront on the 9th and I have not received a message from hm after that.

If I don't get something from you by tomorrow, then I will file a claim with paypal and report you to a mod.

Update[/color966e866875][/b966e866875] It worked D I got a message from him. Just waiting for green