Scammed by Koleran

Live forum:


14-12-2007 11:28:51

I set up a trade with him probably around 3 weeks ago. I payed him $10 up front and he said if he did not green by the monday that just passed, he would pay me back on that day. Well, he has yet to PM me back. I PM'd him many times concerning this but he has never responded back to me. He hasn't even gotten 1/4 credit on the paypalkey2free site. Watch out for him.


17-12-2007 09:05:49

i setup the trade with him and paid half. He said he completed offers but had to go out of town on an emergency for the weekend and would pay me if not green when he got back. It's been over a week since he was supposed to be back from vacation. I opened a paypal claim and escalated it.