Relapse and trusano were put on hold

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12-12-2007 15:07:40

I made a trade with Relapse[=http//]Relapse and trusano[=http//]trusano.
They both got paid $25 paypal to go green at

Recently I finished getting all my referrals I needed for and, [b3a69a7e2cb]Relapse[/color3a69a7e2cb] and trusano[/color3a69a7e2cb] were put on hold[/b3a69a7e2cb].

I tried contacting them every way I can, but with no response back.

Its been awhile since they last logged in so...
I will reply back to this thread if they ever come back and decide to settle this right.

Until then. Beware of these two.


17-12-2007 09:04:50

I had a problem with relapse on a4f forums. I paid and he didn't green for me. I have a dispute open with paypal