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10-12-2007 20:16:32

I have done several trades in other forums, trying to complete 1 here...
allforone.yourgiftsfree is not giving credit. I know a few other with the same problem. I sent them confirmation of the offers I did, bank statement and they still are not giving me credit. I have wrote to them, did a mcr, and still no reply. I did these offers on dec. 1st today is the 10th.
Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly apreciated, and please pass this along so no one else will get scammed by allforone.yourgiftsfree
thanks Mike .... btw, this is -----> bsflag to be treated like that!

sandra habina

11-12-2007 03:08:44

Many sites and offers are having the same issues. You know that most sites ask you to wait 7 days before sending in an MCR with the full headers and also the site then sends them to the affiliates - often once a month. So MCR;s can take a few weeks to a month to be read.

Granted you should receive some reply to your support tickets. And I'm sure you did or will. But the sites do not give the credits until the offer company does. It is wrong to say or post scammer so quickly. Talk to a moderator - they may advise you better.

PATIENCE !!! roll


28-12-2007 14:03:17

That was the very 1st site that I ever did. I got stuck with only .11 credits to go or something like that. I did eventually go green. It may have been that I didn't know yet what I was doing or it could have been bad luck or maybe it's just a little harder to credit on than other sites. Bottom line, I did go green. Just keep in touch with the person you're greening for and they'll be more than happy to help you if they can and I'm sure they will understand and be patient. The majority of people on here are really great and honest people. I did learn that this sometimes require patience though!!


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03-01-2008 06:40:34

[quote03267c9d80="sandra habina"]

PATIENCE !!! roll


I did learn that this sometimes require patience though!!


Patience is the greatest virtue here.

I have dealt with YourGiftsFree for a long time, and I have never had a bad experience with him. He has always gone the extra mile for me when I needed help. But I also didn't jump up and call him a scammer the first time I had a problem.

Manual Credits generally take up to 30 days, on all of the sites that I am aware of that still allow them. To be complaining about it 9 days after you did the offer is unrealistic. It is not the site that decides - it is their advertising affiliate who pays or doesn't pay them.

I think if you keep your attitude in check and deal pleasantly with the people involved, you will have great success.



09-01-2008 12:19:42

I agree with all the replies to this post.

MCR's are not support tickets, and I do not look at them unless asked. All support tickets have been answered as of late last night, and they are always answered generally within a 24 hour period...I like to get to them much sooner, perhaps within a few hours, but that is not always humanly possible.

MCR's are turned in on the 30th of each month and it then takes 1-4 weeks to get a response from the affiliates. If you have a question as to whether yours is filled out properly, please get with me in support and I will do all I can to help you.

I'm very sorry you have felt ignored, or scammed...I assure you neither is the case,

YGF Margot


02-02-2008 03:02:55

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