lucho13[unresponsive] AND LYING!

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03-12-2007 15:00:08

I agreed to trade with him. He agreed to do for He agreed to do 1/3 credits first then i do my offer. But after he finished 1/3 credits and I did my offer, he ran away.. Please help.. I got burned twice already in this site!


03-12-2007 15:00:51

it's been 19 days since I went green


03-12-2007 19:51:50

Have you contacted a mod?


03-12-2007 20:04:10

Hey evilbrother266, how can you complain when you agreed to a trade with me and now you won't even answer PM's! Do you still want to trade?


04-12-2007 15:58:45

not now.. I will do it later.. I got burned 3 times in this site already.


04-12-2007 16:02:48

ok everyone listen .. this guy was supose to trade with me . he greened 2weeks after i ordered my item .. i asked him to instant green me 4 or 5 weeks ago .. i registered under my email , but he went green 4 weeks later , i ordered my item 2 days after he signed up , i sent him tons of msg on AIM , and on the forum , but he never awnsered.. so guy what u want me to do , u were supose to instant green , not green after 4 weeks

thats it mayn i aint a scammer i have 19TR on A4F


04-12-2007 16:17:23

wtf ? 4 weeks? is that a freaking joke? You joined the freeipodguide forum on Nov 5th and we agreed a trade on the 8th.. Then you took 2 days to get 1/3 credits for me. Then I went green on the 14th of November..[/color617a8ba26b]


04-12-2007 16:18:26

Clearly, that guy is lying. I caught him ignoring me yesterday by making a new screenname and he replied to my new sn


05-12-2007 14:47:29



05-12-2007 14:55:54

I don't see any record of a trade between the two of you in the trade module.


05-12-2007 19:27:32

[quoteb2ca173a15="evilbrother266 via PM"]Of course, because both of us are lower than 4 TRs.. We agreed to trade on November 8th that if he gets 1/3 credit on my site, I will go green for him on the trainn site... But after I went green, he just totally ignores me, with 1/3 credits ...

In fact, he even made up facts that I went green 4 weeks after he made a deal with me... He did not pm me anything, he just ignores me for two weeks already..

Please take some actions and ban that guy. Also, it would be great to report that guy up to trainn sites.[/quoteb2ca173a15]

Keep the conversation in the topic, please. That way other people can see it and weigh in.

We will keep an eye on him in the future, but since the trade module was not used, there was never a formal trade agreed upon. It doesn't matter if your TR is less than 4, you both can use the trade module. At this point, it's your word against his - hardly anything we can take action on.

And besides, you evidentally can't be bothered to follow the rules of not having a referral link in your signature, even though you've been here almost 2 months. Remember the rules you agreed to when you joined?

Edit I see no PMs from him to you agreeing or suggesting the trade. Since you didn't use the trade module, and there's no PMs from him to you confirming the trade, there's no record of the trade at all.