Should we pay scammers?

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28-11-2007 12:12:54

If a person gets banned for scamming but passes approval, should we pay them or just consider it retribution for all the times we've been taken by scammers?


28-11-2007 14:18:46

I'd like to know what the public opinion is on this one myself.


28-11-2007 14:44:48

I'd say no... Pay a person that they scammed instead.

sandra habina

28-11-2007 15:23:31

Well I sure would not pay them until they passed final approval and you were paid. Then I guess I would pay them, it would depend on why they got banned. Some people get banned for spamming - so I would need more info.

But I do like Twon's idea - but how would we choose who to pay?


28-11-2007 15:29:18

If it's a ban for scamming someone else at FIPG, I would not pay that person. I don't care if I was threatened with a ban myself. I am not in the habbit of paying criminals... Yes stealing money is a crime. But if it was a ban for spamming or a different rule breakage, then they should still be paid.


28-11-2007 15:52:30

Do they pay the people they scam when a majority go red?,I have yet to receive a refund from the ones who have scammed me,even paypal can't get the money from them.
Like above pay the ones who they scammed the money but make sure it is legit and not have 200 people claim they were scammed by them.


29-11-2007 04:59:30

A person's word is his/her bond. If you agree to do something, do it. Just because someone supposedly went red or scammed someone else doesn't change the fact that the referral that person did for you passed approval. Therefore, you are still obligated.

On the other hand, if the ref goes red or gets banned for scamming AFTER the site has paid you, maybe you should pay the site back instead of paying the scammer.



29-11-2007 07:38:17

One of the users I'm talking about is Archer. He passed approval, but was banned for completing sites using false information from a country that isn't authorized to do freebie sites. Should I pay him?


29-11-2007 07:42:58

If a scammer scammed other and never payed these people back, use that money to help pay back the people that were scammed. I think that is the most fair way because yeah he did green for you but he also stole money from other people.