Cjay13 did not pay for my green

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18-10-2007 04:04:47

10/15/07 I gone green on Yourps34free, Cjay13 promised to pay on green[/sizebdd27838d8]

[ibdd27838d8]From CJay13
Posted Mon Oct 15, 2007 133 pm
Subject Re Trann site! YourPS34free! I need your GREEN! Quote message
I'm already paying $25 upon green for this site which is more than most anyone on this forum pays. If you do an instant green, maybe I'll consider it, but for now, we'll set it at $25. I'm an honest trader so I'll keep my word and consider an extra $5 depending on how quickly you green. I'll go ahead and set up a trade for now. Let me know if you have any questions along the way. Thanks.


[bbdd27838d8]His last message[/bbdd27838d8]
[ibdd27838d8]From CJay13
Posted Tue Oct 16, 2007 801 pm
Subject Re Trann site! YourPS34free! I need your GREEN! Quote message
Looks good, I'll get the payment over to you tomorrow. Thanks again.[/ibdd27838d8]

He did not pay and is not responding[/sizebdd27838d8][bbdd27838d8][/bbdd27838d8][bbdd27838d8][/bbdd27838d8]


18-10-2007 05:55:41

Dude... it's been 2 whole days. roll

Read the rules and trading guidelines. I'm really getting tired of having to point this out to people. [b5f21eb572c]The rules are supposed to be read and understood when joining the forum and before trading.[/b5f21eb572c]

1. You must allow 2 weeks of no contact before calling someone out as a scammer. Unlike a lot of you, many people here have lives outside the forums. You and freebie trading probably aren't their first priorities in life. You have to give people time to get things done.

2. Cjay13 hasn't been back to the forums since.

3. More importantly, after the necessary waiting period, you must attempt contact a mod before posting here.

Thread closed until there's a reason to re-open it.