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17-10-2007 00:47:47

I initiated a trade with him after we discussed it and i did an offer for his site and he has yet to complete an offer or even change his status on the trade agreement. Please get this guy banned because I dont like liars and this is the thing that will stop me from every doing incentive sites again, all because of this loser.


17-10-2007 05:36:02

  1. [lif1479b1f8e]You're supposed to contact a mod first before posting a scammer accusation here. This is covered by the rules that you are required to read and accept when you sign up here.
    [lif1479b1f8e]This is a very recent trade. SQ last updated the trade module on 10/08. You're supposed to allow at least 2 weeks of no contact, or at least a blatant refusal, before calling someone out. Again, covered by the rules that you were required to agree to when signing up here.
    [lif1479b1f8e]SQ hasn't logged in here since 10/11, so couldn't have read your PM of 10/15 yet. Not only that, but their PM sending privileges were suspended on 10/10 for PM spamming and have only just been restored.[/listof1479b1f8e]
    Thread closed until/unless there is reason to re-open it for discussion. When the required waiting time has passed without contact or resolution, feel free to PM me or one of the other staff to look into things further. In the meantime, you need to go back and read the rules & guidelines of this forum.