Anybody else have problems with freebie Life?

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09-10-2007 03:17:19

Hello everyone - This is just a curiosity and i would really appreciate replies. I have had an absolutely dreadful experience with Always4free which is part of the Freebielife network. Between my referral and myself we completed 5 offers in August and have had problems with all 5 - not to mention not getting paid for any of them. I find this 5 out of 5 ratio to be disturbing as Ive done over 100 offers in my offer completion career and only had a problem with 1 (Distinction Non Surgical Face lift). I also submitted the one manual credit allowed by always4free and never heard a word on it. I went thru a lot more aggravation with Always4free that I dont care to mention here because Id need enough space to fill up Wikipedia. Anyway - my curiosity is this - is it just me or have other people experienced problems with FreebieLife? I appreciate any responses because I dont like to judge or put down a site just based on my own experience. thanx everyone - toddjaco


10-12-2007 08:29:51

Yes, I too am having problems with freebielife. I cannot get my final 1/5 credit. I've greened on EVERY site that I've done, but I cannot green on this site. I'm now in the hole because I have done 4 additional offers TRYING to get SOMETHING to credit. I mean, my gosh, that's a bit much. I've submitted manual credits that say they are unread, but the owner told me they must have all been denied. Crazy, because I actually have continued use on some offers. Any help out there? Should I keep trying to green or is it a waste of time and money? Not to mention, how bad I feel for the guy that I'm trading with~he probably thinks I'm a wack because I can't green. This has been going on since the 1st part of November.

Any help, comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!



10-12-2007 21:43:33

thats too funny i have tried to get my final 1/5 credit since september and the support should not even call themselves that!!!


11-12-2007 17:29:45

Here is a pm from a trader trying to finish a freebielife site for me

"Still no credit. I did submit a manual credit request this morning though. I'm beginning to think I'm being scammed on the freebielife site! I've completed about 7 or 8 offers, including the 3 that were credited, but somehow I can't seem to get the last offer credited. Is this a common occurence? I've done the offers just like I did the first three that credited.
I'm really sorry it's taking so long. I just can't understand why its not crediting. I have confirmation emails from all the offers I've done.
I will let you know when I get a response from the manual credit..."

Still no response and this was from eary Nov. I personally cannot refer anybody else to their sites. Good Luck to all of you with your crediting.


13-12-2007 13:15:57

They won't let me cash out (on a thefreebielife site) because I can't get in contact with one of my refs to get him to submit an ID. And that ref wasn't even placed on hold. Not all of my refs come from trading, so I don't know who all of them are. And then there's the fact that there's no order button/link.


14-12-2007 09:35:30

The question is, "who doesn't have issue with the freebielifes?". )

It is not only thefreebielife but all other sites they are running. Terrible crediting.


14-12-2007 14:49:54

This doesn't shock me, I've had not 1-good experience with this network!


16-12-2007 12:09:50

Hey guys, figured i should post in this thread, just found it!

Um, well first todd, as you may know, we don't credit you. Since switching affiliates, that offer has credited perfectly.

I don't know about anyone elses experiences, but telling me my support isn't good, is quite the shocker too me. I am one person doing all the sites, answering all tickets within 1 day. Kind of strange, don't see how that is bad? Lately, my max has been 3 days.

As for crediting, i haven't had any major complaints since dropping affiliates last month and switching to new ones, but hey, what can ya do?

To this date across my 5 networks, i have paid out a total of $87500, obviously not to all forum users. I know threads like these people always post their negative experiences (since thats what its asking), but i assure you the positive ones outweigh the negative ones.

We are all adults here so you can make up your mind about my "terrible support and crediting sites", and if you want to do them or not. FIPG has always been the hardest forum to break.

By the way, why is this in the scammers section lol? I haven't scammed anyone.



21-12-2007 19:38:00

Below is a PM that I sent to the owner of TheFreebieLife websites. I have been trying to green on since the 1st part of November. I've gone green on every site that I've ever done so far, except this one. I can't keep wasting money, time, and offers on this site when it doesn't matter. There is something seriously wrong. I ran across some other people that had posted in the forum and they are having the same problem. I believe one girl has been waiting for her final 1/5 credit since September. She does more offers and it doesn't matter, still nothing. There are MCR's that I filed in early November that are still listed as "Unread". He told me that if it's been that long then they were denied. I submitted one for and I know I should receive credit for that one. I've ordered twice from them. I am getting angry now because I think this is ridiculous. I want my final 1/5 credit.
Thank you,

PM Sent to Turbohim

I have now done 10 offers, when I should have only needed 5. The final 1/5 credit will not go on. I resubmitted some MCR's. But, for sure is without question one that needs to be credited. I signed up, ordered books, received books, still belong to the club. In fact, I've ordered books twice now.

Please issue me my final 1/5 credit ASAP. You have made your money on me doing all these additional offers, so please issue the final 1/5 so that I can green on this site. This has been going on since the first part of November.

Thank you,
Michelle Harmon


21-12-2007 19:58:05

Hi- I have responded to your MULTIPLE support tickets that your MCR was sent to the AFFILIATE, i cannot credit/deny you.



29-12-2007 16:06:27

isn't it funny that it is always the last 1/5 I have the same issue and I tried until Nov to go green. I still have some of the offers that I did but no credit given. BOGUS I had a couple offers not crdit at prize oasis and since I was 1/4 credit out they gave me the credit<<<<that is support.


29-12-2007 18:32:40

He told me that he CAN'T give the final 1/5. I told him that he could, but he claimed it was impossible to do. Of course, I'm not stupid, so I told him if that were really true, then how is it that sites offer free green promos? He finally admitted that, yes, he could, but it would cost him $30 and he wouldn't do it. I offered to pay for 1/2 and then he said that I was bribing him!! Go figure! He won't be in business long with that attitude. Not to mention, that about 1/2 of his offer links weren't even working links. The sites a joke and so is he!!

Trade Thread


30-12-2007 20:21:35

crediting has nothing to do with the site itself, it is 95% the user and the other 5% the affiliate.

How many times do I need to post this?


31-12-2007 15:07:18

You cannot convince me that I have done something wrong on the 5 or 6 additional offers that I've done trying to get the final 1/5 credit. I understand that crediting issues are often user error, but NOT with this site!!!

This site sucks, the site owner doesn't care and is rude and noone can green on his site!

If you don't believe it, try to go green on it yourself.


01-01-2008 08:22:25

You guys are really funny. Thats why i am ignoring this thread.. cause i am a scammer because people do not know how to get offer credits. I try to help the users by accepting MCRs in hopes that the advertisers credit them. But even thats not good enough. I have paid out over $90k across my networks (so i guess alot of people would have to go green for me to reach that point), where would their be a reason for me to scam someone because they cannot get credit (if those 2 words can even be used in the same sentence lol).

And then we have people advertising their trade threads in their posts? Haha.



01-01-2008 12:09:14

just tried to log into mall.thefreebielife and it sent me to a site that said this site has been suspended. What's going on????? Besides the fact that none of my refs have gotten credit.


01-01-2008 12:10:31

PowWeb issues.


01-01-2008 19:05:24

If you're ignoring the thread, then why are you posting? And, your 100.thefreebielife site is suspended too.


01-01-2008 20:21:14

You are such a freaking moron. He is having issues with his hosting that it out of his control.

Yes, it is the users fault that they are not getting credit. The more credits you try to amass, the better the odds that you may have a crediting issue.

Its simple logic really...the more raffle tickets you have into a raffle, the more chances you have of winning.


01-01-2008 23:22:00

Hmmm, are all site owners this rude, or is it just the two of you? Also, I don't appreciate being called a moron. My kids were brought up with something called RESPECT, something you seem to know nothing about. I'm sure you make your parents proud!!

Why is it that you are posting in this thread anyway? You obviously have nothing to add other than your ego. I do believe that they call this "Threadcrapping". Does that ring any bells?

Oh, and by the way, this moron graduated college with a 4.0 G.P.A.


02-01-2008 13:05:52

[quoteeee9d474a4="michelle-kcmo"]Hmmm, are all site owners this rude, or is it just the two of you? Also, I don't appreciate being called a moron. My kids were brought up with something called RESPECT, something you seem to know nothing about. I'm sure you make your parents proud!!

Why is it that you are posting in this thread anyway? You obviously have nothing to add other than your ego. I do believe that they call this "Threadcrapping". Does that ring any bells?

Oh, and by the way, this moron graduated college with a 4.0 G.P.A.[/quoteeee9d474a4]

He said he was having issues with his hosting then instead of reading, you continue to thread crap when it has nothing to do with the site and its crediting. Why am I posting in this thread? Well simply because myself and about 99% of the other site owners that run these sites are sick and tired of all this newbie bullshit about how they are not being treated fairly and we are out to get them and our crediting sucks.

It is all a bunch of bull and I am one of the few that stands up for myself. I am not going to give in to a bunch of idiots who have minimal knowledge of the freebie scene yet still think they are right when things do not go their way.

Sure, it is fine to ask questions but to blame a website owner for not answering a support ticket in a day, for the lack of some offers not crediting is just pure stubbornness.

On a more lighthearted note, I can sympathize with you and many others because I too felt this way when I first started way back in the day. Yes I have had my crediting issues and yes I have been scammed and yes I was ignorant when I decided to cry wolf on the forums. Just please, please, please think before you post and realize that us site owners are not out to get you or screw you over with your last credits. The more credits you get the more money we make. We honestly do love our users and want to provide the best freebie experience for them, especially the newer ones. Yes, I may have snapped a little bit but I am getting sick and tire of all this crap and I am taking a stand against it. I could possibly have been a little more nicer but I am on edge and I apologize.

Just lay off the bashing of site owners. If you have a real issue, PM the owner or find another way to do so instead of posting in the scammer section. 99% of the time, the owner wants to help you. And also remember that for every 5 complaints, there are usually 500 complements.