not impressed with this place at all

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08-10-2007 17:43:00

Man I am new to this forum but not new to trading. I started a green 4 green trade with what should be a reputable trader of 75 tr. I greened for him withing 12 hours of our aggreement. 5 days later i send a pm checking on his progress. I get back a respnse of the offers on my site a thing whatever that is supposed to mean. Then he asks if i still need referals on a nocc site i have. Please do you really think i am dumb enough to trade a train site green for a no cc site, OMG. I have since given 3 options green as per agreement pick another of my 3 priorities or pay me cash. I have also locked my green so he cannot use it. I am not impressed, seems to be an over abundance of scammers here. I hope i am wrong, There was once a conduct code between traders guess thats all going to crap over fast money and greed!
yall have a nice day


08-10-2007 17:59:54

Come on fellow Charlotte friend. Who is the TR75 person dicking you around?

We are not scammers here, if you are being scammed let us help


08-10-2007 19:26:23

Whoever this trader is, I can assure you, he/she does not stand for the whole FIPG community.

Once you get around this community, the people are very nice, helpful, and professional. I'm sorry you had to experience this on your first FIPG trade, but we are a very nice community overall.


08-10-2007 19:46:17

Well now, I wouldn't call it a scam. I think you're jumping the gun just a tad here.

Since you posted here without contacting an admin first (like you're supposed to do), I'll just go ahead and post my followup. The person in question told you that once he got into your site, he couldn't find the offers to do because some of the offers were down. That happens sometimes. If he were a scammer he would have just done any offer and gone red. He offered up two other sites in addition to the nocc site, but you have to come here and post this.

Not only that, but our trading rules stipulate that you must give a person 14 days to respond and make good on a trade before calling them out as a scammer.

At least you didn't call him out by name. You might learn to be a bit more patient and understanding, especially since you claim to have trading experience.


09-10-2007 03:27:37

hey brother - I can understand the frustration of a tardy trader - I jumped the gun on CJay13 after 3 weeks of aggravation and fortunately for me - he ended up coming thru and keeping his word on paying for my green. My point is - there are good people here. Like anything else, bad ones too. In my whole experience with FIPG (many many trades) I was burned only once - and that trader was quickly gotten rid of. Everybody else I did business with here kept their word. So, just my two cents for whatever its worth. Good luck and take care - toddjaco

sandra habina

09-10-2007 06:00:19

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE - and very much needed on any forum or trade.
Hang in there, I am sure it will work out. Most traders here are very helpful and honest. I am so glad you did not name the trader - because even though I am sure he/she is not a scammer - having your name brought up HERE is hurtful. Check those rules again dear, they are here to help protect us all.

Much success to you.


09-10-2007 22:52:40

my apologies guess i jumped the gun a little. Things actually worked out better for me in the long run, he picked a different site which i had made a few agreements with and now have met my requirements for what i wanted on that site. Sorry if i offended anyone.