Maurice went Red on 2 sites

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08-10-2007 09:32:19

The trader "Maurice" went red on both my Flashipods4free and Youripodtouch4free sites for persuing the accounts with false information. I just want to let everyone know before you send him payment to have the green checked out by the site if he completed a trade with you.


08-10-2007 19:23:10

HAHA, thanks to my terms, he didn't have proof that he had passed approval, so I told him I would pay him on approval.

He went into getting very angry with me, and I just finished replying to a PM from him threatening me that he would report me if I did not pay him within the next 24 hours.

Well, glad that's all settled.


08-10-2007 22:33:31

hmmm wish I had seen this a few days ago before I paid him. Just hope he doesn't go red on my site


09-10-2007 04:24:20

You should know better than to trade with a guy named Maurice. I'm sure he's a joker & a smoker & probably even a midnight toker that get's his lovin on the run.


09-10-2007 05:29:00

He passed approval for me at Cameras.YourGiftsFree


13-10-2007 12:29:47

He passed approval on YourFreeFlatscreen.


13-10-2007 13:09:33

Hmmm, maybe he was just tryin to scam me then idk...has he went red for anyone else?


13-10-2007 20:26:56

He passed approval on my site


13-10-2007 23:14:53

i know what happened, he passed approval for others but went red for you, cause you "have the green checked" but others not.
the site owner want to close any account cause he can earn money from it.
so you lose your green and he lose his money.
so don't trade with Jeremiah1218 for safety lol


14-10-2007 15:41:01

Yeah I'm sure thats what happened...

sandra habina

14-10-2007 17:29:53

Say what? Jeremiah1218 is a great honest trader. It is right to have anyone checked for safety.


14-10-2007 17:31:46

[quote4940e4f701]so don't trade with Jeremiah1218 for safety lol[/quote4940e4f701]

I guess you're trying to be a comedian? Try something else, I don't think comedy is your thing.

Maurice just went red on 360elite4free...just as suspected.

Can we get a ban please, admins? He's got around 52 TR probably half of which are scams...


15-10-2007 14:07:28

Correction - he is now red on YourFreeFlatscreen also.


15-10-2007 14:21:01

[quote6176b5096a="Iz"][quote6176b5096a]so don't trade with Jeremiah1218 for safety lol[/quote6176b5096a]

I guess you're trying to be a comedian? Try something else, I don't think comedy is your thing.[/quote6176b5096a]

I thought it was funny, I nearly fell outta my chair when I read it. lol ...j/k but yeah I knew something was up here, I didn't think he would purposely target me and pass approval for everyone else. Hope he is banned soon.