CarolDove...anyone have problems with this trader?

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28-09-2007 13:09:49

CarolDove is the username, no actual problem with this trader yet...but the trader has gone green on one of my sites before we ever got to set a price that I would pay for the referral... Now the trader is assuming Im going to Paypal $20 into the trade was ever set up and no deal was ever made...what do I do now? Anyone else got any PM from this person?


28-09-2007 18:50:34

You should contact a mod about this, & let them help you get it straight.

sandra habina

28-09-2007 20:15:56

Yes he did youripodtouch4free for me and went green but we had good communications. No problems yet.

Aspen how did CarolDove get your link if you did not have an agreement?
You should only use the trades module to set up a trade. And which site did he do for you $20 is not bad unless it is a no cc site. Not sure on this.
Always contact a moderator before posting here in the scammers thread.

Good luck to you both. )


28-09-2007 22:13:53

I sent him 2 of my ref links so he could make sure he could do them I know, make sure he hadnt already signed up for each site. Thats what I thought at least... All he said to me before he went green was a PM asking for both my ref I sent them to him and asked if he could do both and whether he wanted to trade or what... I was wanting to do a site trade but never even got that far.


28-09-2007 23:16:36

He may have confused your trade with the one he set up with me. Which site did he go green on for you ? You should contact a mod before posting in here. He doesn't seem to be a scammer just a newbie that needs a little help


29-09-2007 06:27:29

He did my Trainn Nano site...and I know it was a bit quick posting here, but I figured this was the only easy way to see if this had happened to anyone else. Turns out I think the person possibly had thought that there was a "set" price for each site on this forum. I think...gotta talk a bit more to figure things out. Sorry, this can be closed, not a scammer, just a newbie! Sorry!


30-09-2007 07:34:28