Thanks gmario and jeremiah1218

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22-09-2007 11:17:31

I went green for these users a couple days ago. They kind of had me worried for a while but they paid. Thanks fellas.


22-09-2007 11:49:36

uhhhh just pm him??


22-09-2007 12:02:22

sent, sorry for the delay. wink


22-09-2007 12:19:11

[quoted5ce3ccb56="manOFice"]uhhhh just pm him??[/quoted5ce3ccb56]

Yeah, seriously. GMARIO owns a site, he has a life, he is also human, have you ever forgot something? He's obviously not a scammer, so you should have just PM'd him and he'd have paid you. You obviously didn't contact a mod or wait a normal amount of time to start complaining.


22-09-2007 13:40:15

This is funny. I received the PM from you yesterday telling me that you were green and I told you I would be sending the payment soon. I, like most people here, have a life outside these forums and I was not able to get to a computer until now. I don't think even 24 hours have passed before you posted this thread and if you read the rules http// you would know that you are supposed to first [ue77d91895b]CONTACT A MOD[/ue77d91895b], and then if you don't hear from them within [ue77d91895b]48 hours[/ue77d91895b] contact another mod. I apologize for the very slight delay, but you must realize that people do not live on their computer and are not here at all times of the day. Another thing is that you didn't even send me another PM before posting here, you just went ahead and did it. If anything that makes you look extremely impatient. Anyway, I will be sending your payment now and I will ask that you please change the title of this thread since there are no "problems" at all. Thanks.


22-09-2007 17:37:10

Thank you for updating that and nice doin business with you. Hes a good trader guys.