CJay13 scammer

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21-09-2007 11:53:07

Hello everybody - Just wanted to let you know to not do any business with CJay13. He just strung me along with BS stories for three weeks as to why he couldnt pay me for the green I completed for him and then disappeared. It reeks of someone who is planning on getting out of the business and screwing as many people as he can before he does. I suggest to you all not to do any business with CJay13. On the good side, the green I earned for him on paypal wish4free is up for grabs. If you need that green -please PM me to make a deal. thanks - toddjaco


21-09-2007 12:59:09

Thanks for the headsup. Sorry you had to be the one to get duped by this guy. Had you set up the trade in the Trades Module? Contact a mod and let him know about this trader so hopefully he can get banned.