suunto - banned scammer

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Big War Bird

11-09-2007 12:12:36

I thought I would make this thread so everyone can share some info on this guy. he's already been banned but hopefully we can share information and get our money back.

He signed up for me on gaming.free4me and yourfreeiphone using the email= he is red on gaming.free4me and still green on yourfreeiphone though I have not submitted for approval yet.

His name on paypal is john latthier. His paypal account also has an email= of of He was placed on hold for using false information.

Anyone else that has been scammed by this turd, please post here and file paypal disputes.


22-09-2007 21:32:14

I paid him upfront and he went green and passed approval, sounded like a very nice guy when i traded with him.