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10-09-2007 14:30:49

Fred still needs our prayers!

I asked COT if they have heard from Fred. This was what they said.

"The last I heard his daughter was still in the hospital. The church and neighbors are helping him out a bit. It\'s hard for him to be online, but he said he will try to get on to take care of things. "


11-09-2007 06:32:18

Thanks for the update! We will remember him in our prayers.

sandra habina

11-09-2007 06:51:46

Yes thankyou Lance. God bless Fred and his daughter.

Send prayers - they do so help.

Lance - do we have an address or a paypal addy - that we could send some money to Fred? Let me know dear. Thankyou

sandra habina

12-09-2007 16:01:56

Thankyou Skepticalcynic - she does have Fred's paypal address if anyone is interested. I know he appreciates our gifts and prayers - ) )

sandra habina

21-10-2007 12:12:16

Do we have any news about How Gator and his daughter are doing?

Send prayers - they do help.