Scammed by lucan-51 on my first trade here.

Live forum:


10-09-2007 06:20:25

While setting up the trade he would answer my PMs within minutes. After the trade, when I asked to be paid, nothing. I was, however, able to get the site I did the trade for to not credit him for my completed offer. ccate


10-09-2007 10:49:06

I'm sorry you had a bad experience right out of the gate. I am unfamiliar with that trader - which probably means he is not overly involved in the "community" on this forum. You would be MUCH better off trading with someone who really contributes to the forums and interacts with others here in a positive way. The best thing you can do is lurk around the forums and when you see someone with "presence" who you might like to trade with, PM that person and express your interest. You'll be much less likely to get scammed if you take some time to choose wisely.

Also - did you PM a mod before posting here?


10-09-2007 12:31:28

Yes you need to PM a mod and see if they can contact him 1st to see if he did scam you(which it sounds like maybe he did ? )

sandra habina

12-09-2007 15:45:27

Do not just look at the money or site - also check into the trader's profile dear. See if they are active on the forums and have a descent TR.

I hope you get this straightened out. There are many trusted traders on this forum - I am sure they would help you out and treat you right.

Good luck and always PM a moderator before posting here. OK