Greensince05 did not do as he promised me

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06-09-2007 18:41:05

The following is the PM from Greensince05, but I finished the offers for 2 days, till now I do not get my payment. always inform me that will pay me after approve. He did not do as he promised

From Greensince05
To denishashok
Posted Mon Sep 03, 2007 1106 am
Subject Hey welcome to FIPG
Hey welcome to FIPG I can help you with any questions you have about the site, all you have to do is PM me and ask Anyway, saw that you were fairly new or over here from A4F or FLR and I was just wondering if you were looking to start out doing some sites. I have a few that Iím paying $21 ON GREEN a piece for that I can walk you though and give you step by step directions if needed. And these are GREAT SITES because you can submit for prizes as many times as you want

Pm me back and let me know if you want my help or not
I have made over $11000 In PayPal so I can definitely help you get started if you want me to.
So PM me and get all your questions answered whether were trading or not, I'm here to help

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06-09-2007 19:05:23


denishashok, you are about a millimeter away from being perma-banned.

1. YOU are the shadiest trader on this site right now, and are currently being investigated as a scammer at worst, or at best a clueless or reckless trader who is about to wind up going red for everyone.

2. You do NOT post reflinks.

3. 2 days? Please. Don't even complain until you've waited 2 weeks. Read the rules for once.

The only thing I can say about Greensince05 at this point is that he deserves a PM suspension for what appears an obvious case of PM spam.