theworldblame798 went red on yournintendowii

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03-09-2007 20:32:36

I paid him $30 paypal for a green on yournintendowii4free and he went green the next day, and I paid him that day since he has such good TR. When I submitted for approval on that site he ended up turning red on me and now will not reply to my PMs. At first he said he would green for me on 360elite4free and he signed up but never greened. I want my money back!! He went from reliable to scammer in my eyes and unless he solved this problem quickly it will stay that way. If he does not respond to this within a couple of days I will be opening a claim in paypal for my money back!

Please help mods!


04-09-2007 07:17:33

Just curious, did you check with a moderator before posting this?

I only ask because I have done at least six trades with theworldblame798 and have had no problems at all. He has greened and passed approval on four Trainn sites and is green on two others and has been for a week.

He is not online everyday and that may be why he hasn't responded to your PM's. He also brokers many of his greens and if someone went red, he may not know about it yet.

Unless it becomes really obvious that you are being scammed, I would be patient and give him the benefit of the doubt.


04-09-2007 07:27:43

i have been patient for about a week now and he just simply stopped replying to me. At first everything was great and he in fact did 2 greens for me on the same site through 2 different people and when the 1 went red i told him right away and he told me he would have me another green on 360elite4free that night. I have heard nothing from him since then and I have a new sign up on that site but i don't even know if it is him or someone else i gave me link to but none the less it is not green still... This one I paid him $30 and the 2nd I paid him $25 and the second one passed approval and I have received my money from that site already.. I posted when this first started but edited all of the information out and gave him a little bit of a chance to correct this but i got nothing from him. I have now sent him the link to this thread so he will not be complained about unknowingly. I understand that he might not get online every day but he was replying to my pms daily up until i told him he went red and he told me he would green for me again... I am still willing to take that green on the 360elite site +$5 (since that was not the normal payment I offered him and since that was originally going to be my last green which is why i paid a little more for it) site but i will also take a full refund


04-09-2007 07:50:58

Like I said in my previous post, my experiences with theworldblame798 have been good.

I will agree with you about his communication. He is slow to respond to PM's and does not always keep his info updated in the Trade Module, unless prompted. I am still waitng for him to "Request TR" on our last three trades. I have had to PM him about this before, with some trades about a month ago, but he always came through eventually and his greens were always solid.

My initial reaction is to believe that he is reliable, but I could be wrong,

If the second sign up on your site is from him, he should respond and keep you informed about what is going on. If you feel that he is not being straight with you, you could file a paypal claim. This always gets someone's attention.


04-09-2007 07:59:52

I want to put out there that I believe this guy is trustworthy but even the most trustworthy of people can scam someone. I am not saying he is scamming me, at least not yet, but he could be one that has never experienced going red and had no back up plan for that situation and therefor may decide to run, which is why I am putting this out there.. just in case. I am giving him until Friday to refund me or green and then I will file a paypal dispute/claim


05-09-2007 06:40:48

still no reply from him on this situation... x


05-09-2007 08:49:06

I set up 2 trades with him for trainn sites. After I set up the trades, he never was back to confirm or do them. I kept emailing him to let me know what he was doing and that if he didn't respond by a certain time, I would delete the trade. That's what I ended up doing. Again, if he's not replying and not logging on, I hope nothing happened to him. I traded with him once before and it went great.



05-09-2007 12:36:35

I also have had great experiences with this trader, I think he got me a total of 12 greens and all went smooth. 4 of his refs ended up going red on some of my Trainn sites about 2 weeks ago which he said he would have worked out soon. I also have not heard anything from him since then and he hasn't even read my PMs. It looks like a bunch of people have gotten reds from this guy though, so I hope he did not just run away from the scene because he doesn't know what to do about it.


06-09-2007 10:16:43

still nothing.. tomorrow is paypal dispute day


06-09-2007 22:26:31

starting a dispute now.. something needs to be done if this guy ran away..


09-09-2007 22:37:30

it has been raised to a claim with no response from him yet. Looks like he ran.. It is strange how he can go from being such a good trader to disappearing that quick, I do hope that nothing happened to him..


19-09-2007 22:17:55

Ok, my first claim through paypal ended the other day and he never responded and paypal was unable to recover any funds from his account. He is def. a scammer and needs to be banned ASAP. Anyone who traded with this guy needs to file a paypal claim against him right away. Maybe if enough people step in he will be kicked off of paypal also and maybe paypal can even do more about getting our money back as well.


21-09-2007 22:19:56

has this guy been banned yet?


22-09-2007 01:05:51

I too won all my claims but no money was refunded...damn I really hate people that do stuff like this.


22-09-2007 09:17:46

why are no mods reading this thread? should I start a new one about him?


22-09-2007 12:49:53

You don't need to start a new thread. Have you tried pming a mod with your situation? Try that instead of waiting for one to read the thread.


24-09-2007 22:25:26

seems like that would defeat the purpose of the section of the forum to me, but i will pm someone i guess..


24-09-2007 22:32:50

You're supposed to contact a mod with your problem before posting in the scammer section...


25-09-2007 08:21:58

[quotec5b750d29c="nikeman"]seems like that would defeat the purpose of the section of the forum to me, but i will pm someone i guess..[/quotec5b750d29c]
Please read this



15-10-2007 11:52:22

this forum has ALOT of rules that delay things from getting done. I thought other forums were ridiculous but i guess I was wrong.. I know I am not a person to question this rule but can someone explain the reasoning behind it? Why do you have to PM a mod before you warn other members about a possible scammer? It gives off the feeling of being in 2nd grade and having to ask to go to the bathroom. I am not bashing anything here, just simply trying to understand the concept. If someone is being scammed by a person on these forums I want to know about it asap because what if that same person contacts me while scamming someone else and since that other person never asked a mod for permission to post in this section, or the mod simply hasn't given the ok yet, I will be scammed by the same guy. I look up everyones name in these parts of every forum I frequent before I trade with people, but now I see here that its pointless since by the time the word gets out that scammer will have packed up his money and disappeared. Someone help me understand please.

Just to prove this point, I had a guy PM me after he read this thread and told me he was being scammed by the same guy. If I didn't go ahead and make this thread then that guy would have never thought that he was being scammed since this particular scammer had a high TR rating and had completed several trades with out issue in the past. When the other guy read this he contacted me and told me he was going through the same exact thing with the same guy and I told him he should create a paypal dispute asap even though I knew he would not get his money back since I won my dispute and paypal was unable to get any money back for me!


15-10-2007 13:44:46

Nikeman, I regret that your case hasn't been dealt with promptly. You are not alone in questioning our policy of asking users to contact us before posting in this section, and it is a policy that we are constantly re-evaluating.

Part of the reasoning behind it is that many users (especially the new ones) have unreasonable expectations of other traders. They think that not hearing from someone for 1-2 days (or even just a few hours) constitutes scamming.

Our goal for this section is for it to be as informative and useful as possible, and unfounded or premature allegations undermine that goal. So, as a basic filter, we ask that you contact one of our moderators, who have at their disposal an array of tools and information to investigate claims of scamming.

theworldblame798 hasn't been here in nearly 6 weeks. I would ban him, but on the off chance that he decides to return and make good on his commitments, I have revoked his trading privileges instead.

If there's anything else I can do to help you in this case, let me know.


15-10-2007 14:34:18

I see your point nikeman and I do completely agree with what you're saying, but Keith is right in the sense that tons of new people think they are getting scammed when they have not heard from someone in a day or 2 or even a couple hours. I myself have actually had someone make a thread in this section about me a mere 12 hours or something after he greened and I was not even able to get to my computer to see that he greened or anything. So the rule is good to have, but in my experiences the mods view everything as situational. If an honest trader on these boards makes a post warning people about someone going red and they have not gotten a response from a mod yet giving them the OK, the mods will look into it and determine if someone is just crying wolf or if they have actually been scammed. I just make a post saying that a certain trader has went red for me, but do not necessarily call them a scammer, its more of just a warning to use caution when trading with them. I then send the mod a message letting them know that the person went red and that I made a thread regarding it. I have never gotten in trouble or anything because normally if someone did go red for me, they did for a lot of other people too and it actually helped so that they didn't scam more people. I think the mods do a good job though of how they handle it.


15-10-2007 22:31:52

I too see your guy's points. I understand that you don't want this section to be flooded and become out of control, but at the same time there must be a better way. Maybe add a rule that you can not post here until 3 days pass during a trade with no communication from the other party, but allow people to post right away when someone turns red or is put on hold. Maybe put it in the rules that if the complaint deals with a person turning red, you must have that in the title. If its just lack of communication then they must PM a mod to have them try to get in contact with that person.. These may have been tried out before in the past and did not work out, but there must be a better way. Maybe copy the method used by another forum (not sure if I can mention the name here) and have a list of questions the person must copy and paste, and answer...

just some suggestions.


17-10-2007 06:19:51

Not everyone who goes red is a scammer, or even a problem. You need to let them know that they are red (sometimes they don't know) and give them a little time to find out why and solve it before dragging their name through the mud. I myself have gone red twice - once was the advertiser's fault and once was the site's fault, and both were reversed within hours of it being brought to my attention. Fortunately, neither trading partner felt the need to jump up and down and yell, and it was easily resolved. When I have had traders go red for me, I always give them a chance first, because I know sometimes it is not their fault, and even if it is a newbie mistake, most traders will make it up to you.

I agree that you should have to PM a moderator before posting in all but the most extreme cases.



19-10-2007 06:41:49

in this case the guy new that he went red because i told him right away and he offered to complete another site for me in its place. thats the point at which he stopped signing into the forums and hasn't been back since.


19-10-2007 11:20:53

Laurel, you are right that a lot of times a red is just a mistake, but in my opinion its not worth it to even risk that. If a newbie or someone went red for something that wasn't their fault and their name got brought up here saying they went red NOT saying that they were a scammer, I don't think its really affecting them as long as it all gets resolved. On the other hand if someone goes red and nothing gets posted here letting others know and they really are scamming people, thats a bunch of people that could have seen the post and used caution when dealing with the trader but now they could be out of a lot of money. Before I post I always look at the situation...if the trader seems legit then I will wait and try to contact the trader first to get it worked out. I think you can just sorta tell if someone is legit or if they are out to scam you in most cases.


22-10-2007 00:46:34

I've gone red once (as a ref for Jeremiah) because someone else in my apartment complex joined the same site and the site didn't look at the apartment numbers. He contacted me, I refunded his money, got the red taken care of, waited for the green to go through approval, then got repaid after it passed. I appreciate the fact that he contacted me instead of putting up a thread. I think giving people 1-2 logins (or up to 3 days) to address the issue before starting a thread about them will accomplish a lot more than just running here and starting a thread. Then again, that's just my $0.02.