Beware of ksharp

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02-09-2007 09:03:33

I did a trade with ksharp and paid $40.00. When I tried to get credit for the trade from bose vbux, it was suspended. When I asked why, vbux said the ksharp was involved in credit card faud, cridet card thieft, signing up for offers more than once, canceling the offer right away, and a number of other reasons. Of course there is no reaching ksharp any more. Between ksharp and rocknroll I have been taken for $65.00!!! breid

Big War Bird

02-09-2007 12:26:57

Ksharp is did bose.v-bux for me and passed approval, is green on two sites and has gone red on another.


02-09-2007 15:29:02

Ksharp? Is his paypal name Kyle Miller?


03-09-2007 00:56:29

He went yellow on 1 of mine about 3 weeks ago then disappeared,now i know why,the email addy he left for paypal with me was micromann41

Big War Bird

03-09-2007 14:09:33

The paypal account he gave was this

Business Name Dredon Enterprises
Payment Sent to