What do you think of this??

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31-08-2007 09:27:39

I have completed a trade with a kinda newbie for a Trainn site. He went green and I did pay on green , he has a TR of 16. I sent payment and updated the tradethat payment was sent. He updated the trade on his end that payment was received. I Asked him to please request TR, his reply was that would be another 5.00. I told him that was crazy, it benefits both of us. But I am wondering if he does not want my feedback because I alsways state the site they did in my feedback. He did a Trainn site so If I ask them to verify his green it will take them like a week to get back. What do al think he is up to?


31-08-2007 09:33:37

hahaha 5 bucks to request TR, just pm a mod and they will force the TR )


31-08-2007 10:32:11

$5 for TR? Don't think so. Unfortunately I have reason to suspect this person is a returning scammer who will be going red soon enough.


31-08-2007 17:35:26

What is with these scammers? I've tailed back over the last couple of weeks due to all of the fraud...haven't bumped my trade threads in a couple of weeks because of all the scammers looking to screw the honest people on this forum!!

Anyway...that's a joke...and sure sign of trouble!! Hope their GREEN...stays GREEN for your sake!!

... wink


02-09-2007 12:31:24

I'm sorry but that made me laugh lol Who in their right mind charges money for TR??? Are you kidding me??