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26-08-2007 23:56:58

I can't get into the trading post,i keep geting a debug message i can get to everywhere else but that.have i been banned or what?if anyone knows how i can get out of it,it's just that page,i can get to trades,pm here,but not the trading post


27-08-2007 00:31:21

I had this exact same thing happening to me...seems to be fixed now though.


27-08-2007 00:39:58

Nvm, still having this problem...I imagine its just something with the site and should be fixed soon...hope so anyway.


27-08-2007 05:49:53

Should be fixed now. But why did you post here?


27-08-2007 08:25:58

it's working now,this was the only place i could think of.


27-08-2007 14:11:52

[quotea1910c2840="microplane"]it's working now,this was the only place i could think of.[/quotea1910c2840]

Hi there,

It's very frustrating when things like that happen, but it is fixed now as David stated. This has happened before, so if it happens to you again, just be patient, they will get it taken care of.

When you are looking to get advice or help, go to the "help" section. You can normally find your answers there, and if you don't see it, perform a search...great info to be found right at your finger tips. wink

Have a good one,

Margot D